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It’s the holiday season again and the thought of presents and other goodies are to be had from plug-ins to toolbars, tools for link-building to content writing.

But why fret about expensive tools with premium subscriptions or ones that make you sign up for email lists or need to be downloaded. We have sixteen SEO tools to stuff your stockings with that are free-to-use, simple-to-use, web-page friendly and sure to be a delight to use for your SEO campaign. 



Just copy and paste your content into a text box and this tool will reformat it for email indents, spacing, line breaks, URLs and other elements to make copying and pasting between applications a breeze.

Pro: Useful for transferring content to different devices i.e. mobile

Con: There isn’t any formatting options for images.

Quick Sprout

16 Simple Tools- Quick Sprout 

A website analyzer that analyzes a website’s SEO, Social Media sharing, and a comparison with competitors, giving a overall letter grade to your website.

Pro: Provides helpful advice for how to make a website SEO-friendly.

Con: The Social Media analyzer is not always accurate.



If you are afraid that someone is plagiarizing you, CopyScape will check your content to see if it is free of duplication and plagiarism.

Pro: Easy to use.

Con: Only the top 10 results are shown.



Compfight offers an easy-to-use search box to find Flickr images from for your content.

Pro: Has a option to show just Creative Commons pictures to avoid copyright issues.

Con: It only takes pictures from Flickr and not from other commercial-free image websites.


Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

We talked about the Google Mobile-Friendly Test recently for good reason, as it is a great tool for testing if a site is mobile-optimized.

Pro: Very easy to use and and Google offers advice for improving a site’s mobile-friendliness.

Con: There are no cons to this tool.




Submit text, a web URL or a file upload and TagCrowd will analyze for content and create a visual of the keyword frequency.

Pro: It allows customization of the text crowd such as language of text, show the frequency of individual words, etc.

Con: It is not designed to create a text cloud image.



If you need a large number of URLs opened quickly, then this tool lets you open a list of URLs all at once or one at a time.

Pro: Saves a lot of time for opening URLs.

Con: It has been tested with FireFox and Internet Explorer but not with Chrome.

Pagerank Bulk Checker

PageRank Bulk Checker

This tool shows how a domain is positioned on a Search Engine by providing page ranks for multiple domains.

Pro: It allows you to export the data into a CSV.

Con: PageRank is the only metric that it checks.


URL Builder for Google Analytics

URL Builder for GA

This tool will create a unique URL for a page so that it can be tracked by Google Analytics.

Pro: It is a great tool for measuring Google Analytics campaigns.

Con: No cons for this tool.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

16 Simple Tools-Portents Content Idea Generator

If you are stuck trying to find a good headline, then submit a subject you want to write about and this tool generates potential titles you can use.

Pro: It generates click-bait headlines, as well as an analysis for the generated titles that are interesting.

Con: Some of the generated titles are difficult to write content for.

Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter

Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter

If you are looking for some easy content, the Online Marketing Virtual Ghostwriter will generate an entire blog post based on a single topic.

Pro: A great way to generate a outline and headings for any topic you would want to write about.

Con: The content itself is generic and should be used at your own risk.




Wordle is similar to TagCrowd, however it is designed to create a more visually-appealing word cloud, that is fully customizable for your aesthetic purpose.

Pro: Generates beautiful looking word clouds.

Con: It does not offer a keyword frequency feature.


JUMBO Keyword

JUMBO Keyword

If you are working with AdWords, this tool will help you organize your keywords by match type, bid, and URL.

Pro: It’s highly intuitive for working with different match types.

Con: The interface is not user-friendly and will take some time to become familiar with.



If you are not sure what keywords to use for your PPC campaign, Ubersuggest, suggests a list of keywords you can use based on one topic.

Pro: Offers a very wide range of keyword suggestions.

Con: The keyword suggestions are just your original keyword plus another added keyword, so the variety of potential keywords is limited.



Smushit is a image optimization tool which removes any unnecessary bytes from the image file without a loss in quality.

Pro: Allows you to optimize multiple images at the same time.

Con: The optimization effect varies depending on the image.

 Pingdom Website Speed Test

16 Simple Tools- Pingdom Website Speed Test

The Pingdom Website Speed Test will check the speed of your website’s load time, giving you a Performance Grade, and an analysis of your page.

Pro: The analysis it gives is highly comprehensive, offering details such as the history of your load page time as well as a “waterfall” of how and when the different elements of your website loads.

Con: No cons for this tool.


So there you have it, sixteen free SEO tools you can take away and stuff your stockings with! With tools that cover everything from keywords to content, you’ll be getting something great this holiday season.

For some more ideas be sure to check out some of these great marketing tools recommendations by our friends at positionly.

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