Link Building 2014 Link-building is challenging. Methods you use could easily be penalized by being defined as an “unnatural” link in the next Google update. And having your website disappear from search results might make you think that link-building is not worth the bang for your buck. However, link-building is still one of the most important factors that search engines use to rank websites on the search results page, and pursuing it by trying out new methods is certainly worth the buck. So whether you are just starting or already familiar with link-building, applying these techniques in your link-building campaign will increase the pace you are adding back-links and ensure your website is on the first page results.

Do a backlink analysis (on your competitor)

Performing a backlink analysis is the first thing you need to do to develop your link building campaign. But what about doing a backlink analysis on your competitor? By analyzing your own competitor’s link portfolio you will gain:

  • A further understanding of the industry, including which sites are providing links
  • The tactics that your competitor’s are doing effectively in gaining links that you want
  • Tactics that aren’t as effective in gaining links, and ones that you should avoid

Create high-quality content (But with variety as well)

Having good and relevant content on your website is one of the most important things you need to attract your potential clients. However, having good and relevant content doesn’t mean limiting yourself to highly informative word posts on your blog. Instead,  a variety of content types can be used to deliver specific messages to your visitors (and potential buyers) in a more effective manner. Some ideas to add to your site include:

  • Survey: A great way to find the opinion your readers have about an interesting issue
  • Top Ten list: Is a easy-to-read way of showcasing information about a particular topic
  • Roundup: Insights from a variety of experts in the field gives you exposure and generates brand awareness to your website
  • In-Depth Guide: Demonstrates to your leads that you are an expert in your industry
  • Case Study: Helps your leads envision how your products or services will fit into their lives, by identifying with the stories from past clients

Build links with influencers (that aren’t in your industry)

If you are having difficulty building-links with authoritative sites within your industry, then you could expand your scope by finding influencers in other markets related to yours. By working with influencers in adjacent markets you can gain more exposure.

  • Link to companies you do business with (by offering great customer feedback for them) will lead to other customers coming to your website
  • Create a roundup with influencers of an adjacent market, about a topic related to both your markets, and have your influencers share it once it’s posted

Link-Building is always changing (but not impossible to succeed)

The rules of link-building are always changing, but this doesn’t mean you should give up if your current methods have been recently penalized. Keep up to date with new methods, and don’t be afraid try them so that you will be on top of the game with link-buil ding. If you think you are going to try out these techniques, below are some posts about link-building that you will find interesting. Also don’t forget to come to InboundCon, Toronto’s largest digital marketing conference, on September 18, to learn more great advice to build links, and meet North America’s experts in digital marketing. If you have any link-building advice then share your comments.

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