Digital marketing is composed of many elements, and it can sometimes get overwhelming. There is no set path to follow and the road to success twists and bends in the most unusual ways. If you find yourself struggling with your digital efforts or are just looking to learn something new, always remember the essential skills that I’ve listed below.

1. Self-teaching

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When it comes to digital marketing, the ability to stay on top of the current industry news, trends and tools is essential. Due to the fast paced environment, things that were trending six months ago are no longer relevant. Digital marketing professionals are constantly under pressure to discover and use the best new software in order to monitor, track and optimize their marketing efforts. That’s why self-learning is so important. Moreover, not only is digital marketing ever-evolving, it is also global. Somebody from Europe might have useful insight about using social media in your industry, or a firm from India could have developed a software that helps easily increase your conversion rates. To get a full advantage of upcoming trends you need to be proactive in the way you obtain and use information.

Identify Weak Spots

First of all, identify weak spots that you feel the need to learn more about. For example, is Facebook your least developed channel? Do you wish you were better at email marketing?  Or maybe PPC advertising is what you need to improve. The beauty of digital marketing is that there are multiple resources freely available on just about any topic.

Review Industry News

Make a list of trusted resources that regularly update their content and read through them daily. This will help you to keep track of the current best practices and trends. Digital marketing experts are always ready to share their knowledge.

Review Whitepapers

Identify a few digital marketing thought leaders that publish e-books and whitepapers. Review their content about topics that you are interested in. This is a great way to gain general knowledge about the topic and to see how it can be applied to your marketing campaigns.

Write a Blog Post

One great way to test whether you have really understood the new material is to write a blog post about it. By educating others, you will review the content. Also, comments might spark a discussion – another great way to test your knowledge.

2. Writing

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Everybody knows that content is important; people are always looking for new and compelling stories. Stories that get read and spark conversation will get that little bit of attention that you’re looking for. Digital media strategies might require you to write blogs, e-books, email newsletters, social media posts and PowerPoint presentations. How can you make sure that your message is communicated consistently throughout multiple channels that have different formats?


Before you write a blog post, a whitepaper or a social media post, think about the message you are trying to deliver to your buyer persona. Who is the person  that will gain the most value by reading the story? Also consider the media you are using. A blog post can be as long as you want, but would your blog visitor want to read that much text? Have a clear idea of what your key statements are and support them with credible arguments.


The importance of practicing the art of writing cannot be stressed enough. It is probably the only way you will improve your writing style. The more you write the better you get at it. Oh, and if you are writing for a blog, your readers will appreciate the consistency of the posted content.

Take a Course

Consider completing a free online writing course, such as the Crafting an Effective Writer. It may provide you with useful practical information about basic tools of grammar, punctuation and writing. At the same time, you will be able to get your writing pieces reviewed by English professors from reputable universities. Use the feedback you receive to improve your digital marketing content.

3. Opportunity Recognition

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Digital marketing is all about opportunity recognition. Is there a social signal that you can start a conversation with? Or an emerging trend that is worth writing about? Making your potential customers feel like you’re talking directly to them can improve your engagement rates and bottom line. There are a few things you can do to become better at recognizing opportunities and taking action.


Currently, there are many tools available to monitor visitor behavior and identify prospects.

Some software allows you to get notified when your email message is opened or if a prospect is revisiting your website. With this information you can analyze how engaged your prospects are and communicate to them at the right time to close a sale.

You can also scan Twitter conversations to find prospects who are searching for your product or service. These become your potential leads, and all you need to do is to communicate your offer to them.


Once you’ve identified an opportunity, make sure you act on it as soon as possible. Relevant conversations can potentially generate positive sentiment about your brand and further spread your message. By staying on top of your game, you may be able to generate or nurture leads via social media interactions.

In the current digitally social age, there is no reason for not engaging with your followers. Remember to stay positive and to make the best out of what you have.

If you build it they will come, but only if what you built is of great value.


Digital marketing isn’t easy. Guaranteed success is unheard of and the hard-working marketing scientists have yet to discover an instant formula for success. Despite the challenge, you can achieve great things in the digital space if you stay sharp and persistent.
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