Social media engagement campaign can be an excellent way for companies practicing digital marketing to gain brand awareness, learn more about their customers, get valuable insights about consumer behavior and communicate their message. Let’s take a look at how some of the Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest contests are currently engaging their social media followings.

1. Virgin Airlines: #PlanePitch Twitter Campaign


Campaign overview: To promote their new in-flight network, Virgin America has launched a Twitter contest. As a part of the campaign, flyers  are asked to address their dream seatmate with a 140-character message pitching a business idea. The website lets visitors to enter a Twitter handle of a dream biz seatmate and their #PlanePitch to automatically create a tweet.

Untitled-8What’s in it for you: There will be six weekly winners of the Gogo In-flight WiFi pass and one grand prize winner of Elevate Gold Status, complimentary Gogo In-flight WiFi passes and six business flights.

Deadline: Submissions are accepted until March 24th, 2014.

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What they are doing right: Not only this social engagement campaign encourages interactions between the user and the brand, it also invites additional Twitter members to join the conversation. By pitching their business ideas to Virgin America and third-party users, people feel like they have a much better chance of having their business pitches heard. This campaign is built on the digital marketing principle of high-quality content; a solid 140-character idea can win its author a full year of business flights and a free in-flight WiFi connection.

2. PizzaHut & OKCupid: #CommitToGreatness Social Media Campaign


Campaign overview: Pizza Hut has paired with an online dating web service OKCupid to introduce a social media campaign. Followers of both brands are invited to submit Instagram or Vine videos tagged #CommitToGreatness. The submissions should outline the most creative proposal idea to Pizza Hut.

What’s in it for you: The winner will be surprised with their Greatest Proposal Ever and gets free pizza from Pizza Hut for life. Daily $10 giveaways are also available for selected participants.

Deadline: Submissions are accepted until February 21, 2014

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What they are doing right: It seems as if Pizza Hut is experiencing some commitment issues. It may be that their customers choose other pizza brands more often. So, the pizza brand decided to attract real Pizza Hut enthusiasts who are ready to “marry “ the brand and become brand evangelists. This Twitter campaign focuses on finding the right people to promote their brand via word of mouth. Pizza Hut is taking the relationship initiative and making the first step to commitment, and are hoping that their customers follow the example and do the same.

3. MasterCard: #PricelessSurprises Social Campaign


Campaign overview: As a part of the #PricelessSurprises social media engagement initiative, MasterCard is inviting their customers to join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter using the campaign hashtag. The contest was announced during The Grammys and is built around the idea of surprising customers with priceless moments.

What’s in it for you: Participants will be randomly selected to receive various surprises such as free Uber rides, cupcakes, speakers, and headphones. One lucky winner will be awarded with a surprise appearance by Justin Timberlake and a chance to attend his concert.

Deadline: Submissions are accepted until February 28, 2014

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What they are doing right: MasterCard is using high-profile events and artists to bring worldwide awareness to their brand. By asking their customers to participate on social media, the company is also learning more about their customers. What makes this campaign great is the fact that it is essentially effortless for people to participate and win amazing prizes.

4. & Oscar: “Cast Your Oscar Ballot” Facebook Campaign


Campaign overview: Facebook users are invited to visit the Facebook page and submit an Oscar ballot in each of the five categories featured such as the Best Picture and the Best Actor. Once the ballot is submitted, the participant is entered into the Oscars Sweepstakes for a chance to win.

What’s in it for you: Contestants have a chance to win a $25 gift card and a Grand Prize of free movie tickets for a year (two movie tickets every month).

Deadline: Submissions are accepted until March 2, 2014

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What they are doing right: This custom Facebook app allows social network users to vote for their favorite movies and actors without having to enter their personal and contact information. This is a great way for a brand to engage their customers by inviting them to voice out their opinions and giving them an opportunity to get something of value in return. Facebook already has access to participants’ contact information, which makes the campaign not as intrusive compared to other contests and sweepstakes.

5. #SmirnoffSorbet Pinterest Campaign


Campaign overview: As a part of this Pinterest campaign, consumers of legal drinking age are encouraged to submit an image of their “guiltless pleasure” with a brief 140-character description and the hashtag #SMIRNOFFSorbet. Contest participants should then proceed by pinning their inspirational image to one of their existing or newly created Pinterest boards.

What’s in it for you: Smirnoff will select three lucky winners and reward them with $5,000 each to help bring their inspirational pins to life

Deadline: Submissions are accepted until March 26, 2014

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What they are doing right: This digital media campaign is utilizing the visual power of Pinterest. For the contest winners their dreams can easily become a reality. All of that in return for only a name, email address, and a birth date. As a result, Smirnoff gets some insight about who their brand enthusiasts are while increasing their Pinterest following. It seems like a win-win situation for both sides!

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