What is a social media campaign and what can it do for your product?

By now, most of us know the definition of a social media campaign like the back of our hands but have we got our social media strategies ironed out? Are we integrating techniques that best represent our product or do we focus on advertising across all social media channels? What works best for you?

I could chart out a step-by-step guide to an effective social media campaign, complete with goal-setting and platforms to use, but I’d rather use 5 top-notch campaigns of the decade as an example instead. Although their success in terms increasing company revenue may be debatable, one cannot argue that they branded their product by implementing strategies that were both innovative and engaging.

A few things that set these campaigns apart:

  • They presented an opportunity to talk to the ‘big shot’. Larger companies made themselves accessible to their target market via social media channels, i.e, engaging in consumer experience.
  • They set a defined goal. Their social media activity was focused on achieving that goal as opposed to just ‘getting their name out there’.
  • They researched the channels their target market visited the most, and implemented a strategy that complimented their daily routine.

Check it out:

1. “Friendship is Strong. But the Whopper is Stronger.”

Burger King Whopper Sacrifice

A challenge set by Burger King, this campaign was based on a Facebook application that would give a user a free Whopper for every 10 friends he or she deleted. End result?   Nearly 200,000 friends deleted in a little over a week.  A short-lived campaign (due to Facebook’s request for discontinuation), Burger King’s Whopper proved to be an American favorite.

More About the Campaign…

2. “What Makes the Soda Fly Out of the Bottle?”

Diet Coke Mentos Experiment

This wasn’t even a collaboration between The Coca Cola Company and Mentos, but a video of two men in lab coats, creating a Diet Coke Fantasia, were able to turn this    concept into a viral phenomenon. Also displaying  a ‘how-to-create-your-own-experiment’ section on their website, this was probably a marketing tactic neither Diet Coke or Mentos were expecting.

Check out the Diet Coke and Mentos Experiment…

3. “The Best Job in the World.”

Island of Great Barrier Reefs

A personal favorite, Tourism Queensland came up with a non cookie-cutter approach to an international campaign involving print and online media. On a limited budget, the company had to develop a strategy to bring awareness to the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The solution? Global classifieds ads, advertising a job opportunity to work in a tropical paradise, with a large salary and no rent.

Check Out More Hype on the Campaign…

4. “Yes We Can.”

Barack Obama Campaign

Obama’s run may be a controversial topic, but one has to admire his social media approach during the elections. By his consistent interaction with his voters via social media, email, website and viral videos, Obama picked up new trends to discuss his run for office.

More on Obama’s Social Media Campaign…

5. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.”

Old Spice Campaign

Need we say more? From complete re-branding of the product that created a social media/Twitter buzz, and then to respond to that buzz via viral videos, this campaign was set to develop a new hype around the Old Spice Brand. I sure the phrase ‘I’m on a horse.’ will still crack many a smile in the future.

Watch Old Spice in Youtube Action…

You can do it too! A few ‘how-to’s’ on emulating social media success:

  • Key note from the campaigns listed above – accessibility. A company is only as good as their customer service, so use social media platforms to encourage your customers to speak with you, leave testimonials, or make recommendations for improvement. Make sure that you touch base with your prospects on a regular basis – chart out a schedule if you have to.
  • Use social media channels that best reflect your product. Does your product gear towards a ‘demonstration’? In that case, it’s best to invest in a video marketing campaign. Maybe your product is more ‘hands-on’-try out a Facebook application that will encourage your prospects to engage with the product on a different level.
  • Keep your social media goals focused to your target market. If they don’t go on Twitter, furnish your strategies towards platforms they do use, such as Facebook or Youtube.

I”m sure there are a lot of pointers out there on social media marketing-feel free to leave your mark in the comments section. Don’t forget to share your favorite social marketing campaign, especially if you don’t see it on here!
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