How many ways to instantly access Google search from FireFox browser are there? Let’s try to find the best one:

How much customization allowed Advanced search access Access to other Google Services
FireFox search plugins Highly customizable Yes Yes
FireFox “smart keywords” Highly customizable Yes Yes
Google search bookmarklets Can be customized if you are a tech geek No (unless you create one that has one?) No (unless you create one that has one?)
Kallout desktop application Poorly customized No Yes
CyberSearch FireFox plugin Poorly customized No Yes
about:config Poorly customized No No
Google Toolbar Poorly customized No Yes

1. FireFox search plugins. You can either search for a search plugin you are interested in or create your own.

Or you can take advantage of those created by other smart people: Distilled Google without Wikipedia and Joost’s Google unpersonalized search.

2. Use FireFox “smart keywords” feature allows you to search right from the address bar. Like with the above one, you can customize the search to your heart’s content adding any advanced search parameters or using any advanced search operators.

3. Use Google search bookmarklets to access Google by selecting a term on a page (just drag it to your bookmarks toolbar: Google).

You can achieve some customization by using this handy tool that allows to create and customize your own search bookmarklet.

4. Access Google search (as well as many other search engines) with Kallout – a desktop application that integrates with FireFox (and also Outlook, txt files, etc).

5. CyberSearch FireFox plugin is another way to search Google from the address bar.

These are supported Google services :

  • gweb – Google general search;
  • gloc – Google local search;
  • gvid – Google video search;
  • gblog – Google blog search;
  • gnews – Google news search;
  • gbook – Google book search;
  • gimg – Google image search;
  • gpat – Google patent search.

6. Tweak your FireFox about:config (tip by FireFox facts).

Just type into your address bar about:config, search for keyword.URL, and modify the string:

7. Google Toolbar – the most obvious way to access Google search.

It offers quite a few handy options (yet it unfortunately doesn’t allow access to advanced operators).

This post was contributed by my good friend Gab Goldenberg on behalf of Done SEO
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