People who attend InboundCon often have that “ah-ha” moment where they see or hear something on stage and say, “Wow. We need to start doing that. And we need to start doing it tomorrow.”

As Toronto’s #1 digital marketing conference, InboundCon brings together some of the best minds in the industry. Each session offers those “ah-ha” moments to people in just about every sector or position.

Here are some of the people who should attend:


There are a lot of important things you can do the right way, right out of the gates when building a web presence. If you’re a start-up, you can build these things into your day-to-day operations and make them part of the culture early on, so they become winning habits down the road.


You wear all the hats (for now) at your company. This includes the marketing hat.

Like a start-up, it’s best if you learn how to do the right things in the early days, so you have a system in place so you can build continued success, while running as lean as possible.

InboundCon 2015 talk

Small Businesses

With a limited team, you can learn to automate many of the menial tasks. You can also learn how to gain serious traction in your market, while working with limited time, staff and/or budget.


Learn how to better serve your clients with tips and talk on everything from lead conversion, to idea generation.

It’s actually hard to measure the return-on-investment for an event like this, because one talk could improve literally every campaign or project you run from that day forward.

Enterprise Businesses

Are you looking to educate your team on the latest marketing strategies? This is always a good investment.

Send your team to Toronto’s #1 digital marketing conference, and they will come back inspired and armed with new knowledge.


If you’re looking for a stronger understanding of the ins and outs of digital marketing, we can help.

We will show you proven tactics that are working right now, as well as identify a few flashy time-wasters to avoid.

CMOs or VPs of Marketing

Even the most tenured marketing professional can benefit from the synergy of being around other marketing minds.

People in the industry often leave InboundCon feeling inspired, rejuvenated and excited to try out some of the tricks or tools they see on the big stage.

Digital Marketing Specialists

This may include SEOs, PPC managers, Social Media managers, CRO specialists, UX specialists, marketing managers or community managers.

We pride ourselves in bringing the smartest people in the industry together into one room. So we want you in this room.

Ready to Learn More?

InboundCon 2016 | Full Funnel is presented by Powered by Search on Thursday, 6 October from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EDT) in Toronto, ON.

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“InboundCon was one of the few conferences I’ve spoken at that focuses on giving the audience actionable takeaways. The workshop / panel style format for some of the sessions was a great way to send attendees home with an actual game plan – not just the motivation to do more.”Hana Abaza – VP of Marketing at Uberflip.

Still not sure if this is the conference for you? Take a look at the highlights from last year.

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