Templatizing Link Requests Doesn’t Matter Without Targeting

The purpose of outsourced SEO isn’t to JUST have cheaper costs, it’s also to make sure your folks on-site aren’t driven crazy by mundane and repetitive tasks. That said, the job of your outsourced SEO is ‘TO DO’ and NOT TO THINK – Thinking is your job.

I received some link exchange spam today, and was really surprised at how many points outsourced SEO’s could improve at, and if they did, their success rate would go up phenomenally. Here it is:



I saw your website’s page and felt that you have a wonderful resource which can be of interest to users on my website who are looking for improve credit, rebuild credit. I have a site that provides business credit card, improve your credit & much more. I will place your link under category of your choice at http://linkdirectory.somecompany.com. (Directory doesn’t load at all as of today)

My desired link is:
<a href=”http://LINKREMOVED.com”>Business Credit Card</a>:Get Better Rates on Your Mortgage and business lines of credit! Our goal is to help you improve your credit. We are dedicated to provide the best service at the lowest price. We are experienced in dealing with the credit bureaus and creditors and are constantly developing new strategies to improve your credit.

I hope you will find my website another good resource to be added into your website. Kindly revert back with your preferred linking code, hoping for a positive response from you.

Link Manager
SomeCompany Technologies Private Limited
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The Better Way of Going About It

Why not try the following simple tweaks to getting such link requests a higher success rate?

  • Research an exact match niche, or a related niche before emailing a webmaster. Learn from the best
  • Client company, please give your outsourced party the right template
  • Personalize your email or get flagged as spam.
  • Don’t even ask for a link exchange – Ask for a review or something similar instead
  • Keep track of your link requests and whether they were approved.
  • Call high quality link prospects instead of emailing them out of the blue.
  • Don’t have your outsourced party call the link prospect. Call them yourself!
  • Hire a good seo company. They can make a world of difference to your campaigns.
// End Rant. The outsourced company referred to in this post is an Indian BPO claiming to know their SEO. I’ve removed all references to them as I’d rather offer suggestions on how they can improve than simply ‘outing’ them.

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