Infographics are a marvellous way of displaying data, knowledge, and analysis in a flashy bite-sized manner. They make learning fun and are easy to share with your network. Infographics are also great in breaking down intricate concepts such as inbound marketing and presenting them to newcomers in a friendly fashion. I’ve crawled around the web and compiled a list of 15 awesome and informative infographics about the world of inbound marketing for those who wish to familiarize themselves with it.

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1. The Five Elements of Inbound Marketing

This great infographic from AXZM explains inbound marketing in a nutshell. The ultimate goal of the inbound method is to attract strangers to your brand and convert them into advocates by actually producing content which is likely to interest them.

5 Elements of Inbound Marketing

2. 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

Quality content reigns supreme when it comes to inbound marketing, but it’s not always easy to get super creative. Copyblogger made this infographic to help you when you just can’t quite put your finger on that fantastic idea that’s been forming at the back of your head.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content

3. The New Multi-Screened World

The mobile revolution has changed the way content is experienced. As this infographic from Google shows, a vast majority of media consumption is screen-based, and a variety of goals are achieved across multiple devices. The addition of a second and even third screen to our daily lives has changed the way customers approach the likes of entertainment media, shopping, and even banking.

The New Multi-Screened World

4. Storytelling one Frame at a Time

It’s been a long time since the internet was completely text based, and M Booth’s infographic epitomizes the trend towards visual content. Engaging visitors doesn’t have to be boring and formulaic; there are nearly endless ways of organizing information in a fun and visual way.

Storytelling one Frame at a Time

5. Mobile Marketing

Mobile internet continues to grow, as demonstrated by Microsoft Tag. Devices such as smartphones and tablets are constantly receiving hardware and functionality updates which influence their various uses. With usability reaching almost desktop levels, mobile platforms will continue to change media consumption.

Mobile Marketing

6. Should You Hire or Contract Your Marketing Department?

Every organization has different needs, especially when it comes to marketing. Mavenlink has created a very informative resource for determining whether your business should look to contract or hire a marketing department.

Should You Hire or Contract Your Marketing Department?

7. Impact of Online Reviews

As Milo demonstrates in this infographic, online reviews matter for many customers. Reviews influence purchasing decisions and can help foster relationships between brands and audiences. If you’re thinking reviews aren’t too important or are simply unsure , this infographic will definitely convince you of their value.

Onine Reviews

8. The Art of Getting Retweets

You probably already know that Twitter is a huge social media platform, and that Retweeting is a great way to spread brand awareness. This excellent guide by Quick Sprout explores the process of getting Retweeted by exploring the various elements that make up an easily-to-share Tweet.

The Art of Getting Retweets

9. Is Bigger Always Better?

This infographic from Mogreet examines the differences between engaging a highly targeted audience compared to a large population. Targeted marketing allows you to generate better leads and can actually pay off in a much more significant fashion compared to chasing big numbers.

Is Bigger Always Better?

10. Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest was unleashed on planet Earth in 2010 and has taken the web by storm. In this infographic, SyneCore explains how your business could benefit from a presence on Pinterest. It gives great general tips and even lists examples of brands that have been successful on the platform.

Pinterest for Business

11. How LinkedIn Works

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individual professionals as well as entire companies, and Infographics Labs decided to explain how and why LinkedIn is used.

LinkedIn Infographic

12. 6 Step Facebook Business Page Timeline Cheat Sheet

Your company’s Facebook profile should be filled out in order to appeal to visitors, and there are several key elements to consider. This lovely HubSpot infographic details what you need to make your Facebook page shine., and how to go about it.

6 Step Facebook Business Page Timeline Cheat Sheet

13. Responsive Web Design

There are a million ways to design a website but only a few that will attract and convert visitors. Responsive web design will ensure that your site displays correctly on a variety of devices, and as you now know, customers split their goals across many platforms. In this infographic, Hall Internet Marketing breaks down exactly what responsive web design is.

Responsive Design Infographic

14. Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

The web is dynamic and ever-evolving, and websites should reflect this notion. There is no such thing as a perfect site and there will always be new ways to improve. Monetate’s awesome infographic explores various ways in which websites can continuously test new pages and items in order to provide the best user experience.

Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page

15. The History of Marketing

HubsSpot and BlueGlass teamed up to tell the story of the marketing world thus far. This tremendous infographic covers the shift from outbound marketing (starting with the 15th century) to the more modern rise of the inbound methodology.History of Marketing

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