2014 Digital Marketing Conferences

2014 is a great year for digital marketing conferences! There are many awesome ones to choose from, and they’re all listed below. Make sure to check in on this post every now and then since I’ll keep it updated with new developments.

5. Craze conference, New York City, NY. Main focus: branding, social media marketing, storytelling.
11 – 13. Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit, San Francisco, CA. Main focus: mobile marketing.
17 – 20. MarketingSherpa Email Summit, Las Vegas, NV. Main focus: email marketing.
18 – 20. Tech Marketing 360, Dana Point, CA. Main focus: a little bit of everything.
26 – 28. Intelligent Content Conference, San Jose, CA. Main focus: content marketing.

17 – 19. Conversion Conference, San Francisco, CA. Main focus: conversion optimization.
17 – 20. Pubcon, New Orleans, LA. Main focus: internet marketing and social media.
18. Context Conference, San Francisco, CA. Main focus: contextual marketing in a multi-screened world.
24 – 28. Adobe Summit, Salt Lake City, UT. Main focus: digital marketing.
Ad:Tech (various dates and locations). Focus: digital marketing.
26 – 28. Social Media Marketing World, San Diego, CA. Main focus: social media marketing.

Searchlove (various dates and locations). Main focus: online marketing.
7 – 9. Marketing Nation Summit, San Francisco, CA. Main focus: a little bit of everything (unsure).
17. Opticon, San Francisco, CA. Focus: optimization testing and data collection/experimentation.
28 – May 1. SugarCon, San Francisco, CA. Focus: CRM.

Inbound Marketing Summit (various dates & locations). Focus: inbound marketing.

6 – 7. Content2Conversion, New York City, NY. Focus: content marketing.
7 – 9. Confab Central, Minneapolis, MN. Focus: content strategy.

3 – 4. Integrated Marketing Week, New York City, NY. Focus: a little bit of everything.

14. – 16. MozCon, Seattle, WA. Focus: a little bit of everything.

10 – 12. Affiliate Summit, New York City, NY. Focus: affiliate marketing.

8 – 11. Content Marketing World, Cleveland, OH. Focus: content marketing.
12. Call to Action Conference, Vancouver Canada. Focus: conversion.
15 – 18. Inbound 2014, Boston, MA. Focus: inbound marketing.
18. InboundCon 2014, Toronto, Canada. Focus: inbound & digital marketing. This is the conference that we’re hosting! Some of the brands that will be speaking include Shopify, Bing, gShift, Virgin Mobile, and Uberflip. Tickets are currently on an Early Bird sale ($100 off) and group discounts are also available ($600 off).

8 – 9. C3, New York City, NY. Focus: content marketing.
13 – 16. Dreamforce, San Francisco, CA. Focus: cloud computing.
18 – 23. DIGIMARCON, Miami, FL. Focus: digital marketing.
25 – 30. Digital Marketing Association Conference, San Diego, CA. Focus: digital marketing.

11 – 13. Internet Summit. Focus: a little bit of everything.

Bonus: don’t forget to come out for our monthly InboundTO event hosted in Toronto.

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