For the longest time I’ve wondered why Bing Business Portal did not offer Canadians the ability to submit to their listings. The only real way in was if they already had your data through channels such as the and even then it was a long shot.  As of October 9th, Bing Places is now available in Canada!

Previously it was a possible to submit to Bing via Nokia’s Here portal but the new process is much more streamlined.  For businesses with more than 10 locations, including those that have hundreds or thousands of locations like many of our enterprise local search clients do, there’s even a bulk data feed option. The process is very similar to adding a business to Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) and I would encourage businesses of all sizes to get listed as soon as possible.

Here are the steps from the Bing Blog:

Just follow these 3 simple steps below to enhance the presence of your business online:

1. First, see if Bing already has your business information for local search results by typing in your company name and phone number. If Bing finds you, verify that all the information shown is correct. Go ahead and sign up at Bing Places to correct your company information such as website URL and photos, then hit “Submit”.

2. If your business is not listed in Bing Places, go ahead create your listing at Bing Places by including information such as company website URL, photo, hours of operation and so on. You can also add up to 10 business categories that may help increase the discoverability of your business.

3. Whether you started with step 1 or step 2, the final step is to confirm your business ownership by verifying it either via the phone. Alternatively, follow the instructions to verify by post.

Fast Facts about Bing

  1. Bing and Yahoo! together reach about 15 million unique searchers in Canada.
  2. 2.6 million of these unique users do not search on Google (via Comscore, June 2013).
  3. Unlike Google, Bing still provides keyword data which can act as proxy for (not provided) data via Google.

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