Is The Proof in the Writing or The Ranking?

Recently, Jon Wuebben sent me a copy of Content Rich (Amazon), a book that he claims to be the ‘bible’ of seo copywriting. As a search marketer who believes in the union of great content, good structure, and worthy inbounds links, Jon’s already preaching to the choir.

At the price of $19.95 the average business owner looking to learn by reading books has a number of options, and my evaluation argues whether its worth spending on an seo copywriting book, or just learning about it from the fantastic resources that have been online for years – and might I add, for free.

John is a good businessman. Not only did he send me the book, he also kept in touch multiple times to followup as to when this review would be posted, and I give him kudos for that. That said, this review is meant to be an objective review of the book, and not John.

Content Rich has some good points overall, but there is a lot of misinformation as well. For example, John makes a clear difference between static websites and the dynamic nature of blogs, stating that static websites rank better. Proof lies in the ranking as to this day, John’s blog outranks his top level website. So what gives?

Living Up to The Claims

Can I really generate $50,000 to $100,000 extra revenue from reading this book? Probably not, as seo copywriting is only one part of the internet marketing puzzle. As a book that is my opinion only valuable to those that wish to update an ageing website, and have no idea where to look for good content online.

While I appreciate the role sensationalism plays in sales, its equally important to set realistic expectations for businesses that are just getting into the game. For the average small business, it involves a considerable amount of time set aside to go through new (but interesting) topics such a SEO, and its important for an author to give the right kind of information and set realistic expectations.

Depth of Information

The book provides basic overviews into usability, content writing, calls to action, and utilizing different vehicles such as press releases, blogs, ppc, and more. It also covers interesting aspects of consumer intent and psychology such as AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action).

Putting myself into the shoes of a small business, I am not entirely sure I’d know where to begin after going through the book, as it provides a good overview, but does not comprehensive enough to put an action plan together and tie in the different aspects covered.

You won’t find much information on how to do deal with competitive industries, so if you’re a lawyer, dentist, plumber, mover, or mortgage broker, you will not rank on the 1st page just by having effective copy.

Closing Comments on SEO Copywriting

If you really want to get the complete guide to search engine rankings – keep looking, there isn’t a single ‘bible’ of search in my mind yet. There are lots of very very good resources though. If you’re a beginner I’d give Content Rich a shot, but intermediates or experts will find little value from it.

I’d like to say thanks to John for his time and initiative in sending me his book, and I hope this review offers up some constructive criticism for his next big venture.

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