Much like everybody else on the Internet, you have clicked on a marketing banner or button before, but you are probably selective on which ones you decided depending on what was being offered. These are called calls to action and they are designed to get you to get you to complete a task that can get you through a conversion funnel. However, what makes is it about them that makes you compelled to click? In today’s inbound marketing mashup, we cover what makes a call to action effective and what best practices to follow.

The 4 Components of Successful Lead Generation CTAs by Siddharth Bharath

megaphone call to action

You can’t convert every visitor into a customer, but you can convert them into leads. The value of a good CTA in the customer-to-lead conversion process is important for a business to understand. Bharath identifies 4 components of a successful CTA, which can help your business increase the number of collected leads.

“[S]ome of the people who leave probably find your product or service interesting. That’s why they came to your site in the first place. They’re just not motivated enough at that moment, for whatever reason, to open up their wallets. In conversion rate optimization lingo, they might be at the interest stage. So instead of letting them go, why not try to convert them into leads?”

The 7 Deadly Sins of Bad Calls to Action by Joel Klettke

cta deadly sins

If your call to actions are not generating you enough leads, it’s probably because you have fallen victim to one of the 7 deadly sins. Not the ones you’re more familiar with like Lust, Greed or Pride; those would actually be clickbait. No, these are the seven deadly sins of bad CTAs.  Joel Klettke goes over these mistakes that could be preventing your call to actions from being noticed or completed.

Mastering the Call To Action – Words, Color, Size & Location by Ott Niggulis

cta notebook

Bright and apparent CTA buttons are obvious ways to improve your click throughs. Knowing this, you could say you’re an expert of CTRs, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There are ways beyond changing button colour and font size to make the most of your CTAs. Ott Niggulis gives us the inside on how to truly master the call to action.

“People have mostly no idea what to test. But when they somehow stumble on the right things, they are able to see significant increases on conversions. It’s obvious that call to action buttons are important subjects for testing, so let’s do it the right way.”

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