How does your business currently engage and interact with your customers? In today’s Inbound Marketing Mashup, we cover what it takes to properly manage your community as well as some tips and tools to handle the conversations.

Community Management Basics: 7 Tips for Marketers by Ashley Zeckman

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An online community can do wonders for your business’s digital presence, so making sure that your community is growing and being nurtured is important . To ensure this, a community  manager must engage users so they in turn will help amplify your content’s visibility. Here, Zeckman goes over 7 essential community management tips for marketers.

3 Ways To Measure the Strength of Your Brand Community by Christopher Penn

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A strong engaged community can benefit your brand even when a crisis hits. When that happens a strong engaged community will come to defend you. But how do you know if your community actually loves your brand? Penn’s article on your community strength will help you solve just that.

 14 Insights Gleaned from the Speakeasy Community Manager Interview Series by Jason Shen

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Shen shares some of the best tips from the Speakeasy Community Manager Interview Series.Several community managers from a variety of organizations provide their insights on topics such as reaching audiences, earning engagement, developing new campaigns, and more. It never hurts to learn the little tricks that other experts use to help them along their day!

20 Tools to Make Community Management Easier by Pamela Nichols

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It’s hectic as a Community Manager with multiple clients running through your head constantly. Having to monitor multiple news feeds daily can definitely be a hassle. However, having the right tools make all the difference and make the most of your 9-5.

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