Content marketing is definitely a hit in the world of digital marketing. Banners are so yesterday. Scroll down for today’s 4 hottest topic on content marketing!

Modular Content – Creative Repurposing for Content Marketing by Lee Oddenorigami book pageWe’ve all been there when it hit. Writer’s block. It’s hard to be creative on demand, and even harder to create original creative pieces on an ongoing basis, so we repurpose old content. Odden explains some different approaches to repurposing content. “Most of the repurposing of content that marketers are practising is about deconstructing content into smaller pieces. A modular approach helps make this a smooth process – square pegs into square holes, so to speak. But have you ever thought of taking the opposite approach?”

6 Ways to Make B2B Content Marketing That’s Better Than the eBook by Jay Acunzokindle pencilsObsessed over creating ebooks? Well, there are many other options to help boost performance without using a tool that yields 107 million results on Google. Acunzo shows you six ways to make B2B content marketing that’s better than the eBook, by asking the simple, yet important, question: “Will this piece of content save our audience time, money, or both?” Come on now, chant with us: “I am better than the eBook!””Not only have I watched eBooks generate diminishing returns lately, but I think it’s time to inject much more creativity into what we produce in order to stand out. Isn’t that the point of our work? Don’t content marketers count as creative professionals — at least in part?”

Overcoming the 7 Greatest Content Marketing Challenges of 2014 by Chad Pollittteam meeting tableWhat’s the difficulty with producing valued content for your audience? A lot. So much that on average half of B2B and B2C marketers alike perceive their content to be ineffective and that less than 38% of brands produce content. However, the hurdles of content marketing shouldn’t stop businesses from shying away from its benefits. “Greatest Content Marketing Challenges of 2014:

  • Limited staff
  • Limited budget
  • Creating enough content on a regular basis
  • Finding the best sources to create amazing content
  • Organizational culture
  • Measuring the impact of content
  • Promoting content”

So, how do you overcome these content marketing challenges?

Use Google Analytics To Track These 3 Metrics For Your Content & Predict Your Next Big Win by Chandni Panjwanicontent analysis coffeeContent marketing is a fundamental part of inbound marketing, but your efforts will not be very effective if you don’t have any insights on what works. Google Analytics provides you with metrics that can inform you on what type of content performs well and can give you the insight you need to ensure the next piece you write is a highly successful one. “Google Analytics tells you basically everything. Things like:

  • Where your visitors come from
  • How long they stay on a page
  • Which of your posts are the most read and shared
  • How many of your visitors are converting to leads
  • What operating system they use, what device they are using, and who their ISP is
  • And more!”

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