Happy Friday! To end the week, today we cover how guest blogging can help you build links to your site and how to develop guest blogging relationships.

6 Benefits of Guest Posting Over Blog Commenting by Nikhil Ganotra

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The likes of guest blogging and commenting are useful for getting those SEO-boosting backlinks. But when considering which is more effective, the line seems to be drawn through the middle. Ganotra settles this tie by pointing to 6 benefits of guest posting over blog commenting.

“Guest blogging is much better than blog commenting. It helps you to drive quality traffic on your blog as well as backlinks. Guest blogging helps you in boosting your presence on the web. I know that guest blogging can drive you a penalty but if you are dealing with quality content then there is no problem.”

Techniques to Find Guest Blogging Outreach Opportunities by Lekha Tharoor

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While high quality guest blogging can be an effective white-hat method to build links, one difficult issue is how you can perform outreach and develop relationships with sites to write these guest blogs. Lekha goes over some techniques for writing great content and developing those relationships to find guest post opportunities.

“After the hit from the Google Penguin update, the benefits of guest blogging as a white-hat technique began to grow on people. With the fall of My Blog Guest there are still many SEOs questioning how to guest blog effectively. You’ll find a number of articles that espouse the benefits of performing an outreach campaign, but I haven’t seen many resources that speak about one of the most difficult and important part in an outreach campaign: finding the right prospects (opportunities).”

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