Another day, another Mashup! It’s a wonderful Tuesday and we’ve got the latest infographic tips for your content marketing needs.

Why You Should Use Infographics To Get Leads From Your Website by Simon Campbell

infographAn infographic is one of the best ways for you to use images in your content. Not only do they add a visual element to your data, but they also transform it to display the creative ability of your business and better engage readers. Campbell lists five great reasons to use infographics, and how they are beneficial to your business in generating leads.

” The consensus within the social media marketing community is clear: Use images in your content! You don’t have to use images all the time, and you don’t have to get out there with a camera to produce your own artwork. But adding a visual element to your content is a must in this age of social media. Of all the types of images you could use, an infographic is one of the best.”

10 Best Tools and Services to Create Your Own Infographics by Allan

infographic pamphletNever created an infographic before? Not a problem. Here are ten tools and services to create your infographics, regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced designer.

“Are you planning to make your own infographics but don’t know what tools to use? It’s actually easier than you think – even if you have zero design skills!”

3 Deadly Mistakes of Infographic Creation
 By Eric Siu

OfficeWhat’s as bad as boring written content? Horrible visual content. When you’re creating infographics, there are so many ways to go wrong and only so many ways to do right. Siu gives us 3 deadliest mistakes of infographic creation.

“The rising trend may point back to our learning preference. The Social Science Research Network reported that 65 percent of people are visual learners, making infographics and other images a crucial part of your content marketing strategy.”

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