SEO is nothing without your keywords. It literally is the key for your visitors to find your website. Today’s Mashup has got the breakdown on some of the greatest and latest on keyword research

The Beginner’s Guide To Keyword Research For Ecommerce by Richard Lazazzera

ecommerceThe fundamentals of SEO stem off into many components that all play major roles. One of which is keyword research. For those of you with an ecommerce business, the research process is broken down into steps for any beginner to easily grasp onto thanks to Lazazzera.

“Keyword research is the simple art of better understanding the terminology your potential customers are using to find the products you’re selling, then matching your website and marketing terminology. “

Why Keyword Research Is Needed Before Every Website Project by Phil Kelsey

keywords scrabbleKeyword research is a vital step in the planning stage of your website project. Understanding who your target audience is and what they need is knowledge that should be discussed in great detail before going into any design project. By doing so, your website will be sure to fit your need as well as the needs of your customer. Kelsey discusses four ways that carrying out keyword research can benefit you.

“Knowing what your customers are looking for helps you decide how you are going to group up and organize your content, that then leads to the development of an extremely concise and well thought out sitemap and navigation structure for better usability.”

6 Tactics to Double the Impact of Your Negative Keywords by Andrew Lolk

SEJ negative keywordsThe likes of negative keywords may or may not be new to you, but regardless this term should be something every inbound marketer should get used to.  Negative keywords is essentially the anit-keyword for your website. When used improperly, it can be something that destroys your AdWords efforts. Luckily, Lolk has 6 tactics that can improve the effectiveness of your negative keywords.

“The difference between how big of an impact your negative keywords have on your campaign performance is directly linked with how much you focus on the details.”

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