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Why Build Links? 6 Reasons You Should Be Link Building in 2014 by Jon Ball

Social Connection From social media, to PCC, and everything in between, there are a hundred and one ways for businesses to improve their online visibility. So the question remains, why bother with link building? Despite several claims, link building is far from dead. If you’re not building links as a method to improve your online visibility in 2014, then you are most definitely missing out.

“Here are six important reasons why:

  • Link building is still the best way to improve search visibility
  • Links aren’t going away anytime soon, and might in fact be the litmus test for future signals
  • Building links can increase brand exposure
  • Link building naturally goes hand in hand with other online marketing activities
  • Link building can help create and propel new relationships
  • Links send positive signals to Google, and can help improve a bad backlink profile.”

How to Find Link Building Opportunities in 5 Steps Using SpyFu’s New Backlink Builder by Dave Davies

Easy Growth Link building can be great to increase the authority of your pages, but where do you begin to find these link building opportunities? Davies reviews Backlink Builder, a new tool from SpyFu that can help you find sites that you may want to develop a relationship with.

As their core, SpyFu collects and stores ranking data for phrases. Lots and lots of phrases. Historically I’ve used them for competitor analysis to understand which phrases a company might rank for or be bidding on via PPC. Enter a URL and you’ll get a decent snapshot of what that person is bidding on and what they rank for organically and how they’ve ranked over the past seven years.”

10 Questions To Ask When Creating A Link Building Campaign by Casie Gillette

QuestionsWhen you’re just beginning a link building campaign, hundreds of questions are probably running through your head. What am I trying to do? Who am I trying to reach? How best do I reach them? So, where do you start with link building? Gillette gives us 10 questions to think about to help to kick start your link building campaign.

One of the most common questions I hear related to link building is, “Where do I start?” Whether in a blog post or a conference presentation, link building experts often focus on specific tactics when giving advice. The message can sometimes come across as, “Here are some things — go do them, and you’ll be set.” But that’s not the case. It’s important to realize that while these individual tactics are great, they are really part of a much bigger picture: a link building campaign. That’s where we must start.”

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