For small businesses, local search is an integral aspect of a proper inbound marketing strategy, and a great opportunity to make up for lost sales. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to convert local leads, after all, 95% of consumers are searching for local business online. Check out these tips, tricks, and latest news to keep updated on how to effectively perform local search marketing.

4 Steps to Maximize Local Search Success by Jon Schepke

Google Study Local SEOGoogle’s most recent study looks at local search intent and resulting action; however, it doesn’t tell you the full story of what it takes to plan local marketing efforts. Schepke’s post runs through a quick four-step process to maximize local search success. Using the stats that Google has provided, he explains how to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make those stats work for you.

Yes, we need to localize search ads, just like Google’s new research suggests, but this is just the beginning of the equation for the motivated local marketer. Extending that local experience throughout the entire process should be the goal of all local marketing campaigns.”

The Google Local Carousel Is Still Spinning Out Of Control by Greg Gifford

CarouselGoogle Carousel is still as confusing as ever. Although there isn’t many options, Gifford walks us through a few tricks to make the money-shot a little easier to get.

So if you’re showing up in the Carousel and you can’t control what image shows up, what can you do? According to Google, your best option is to delete all the photos in your account, and when you upload new photos, upload your desired Carousel photo first. This isn’t always feasible, but it’s their only solution.

In most cases, Google has removed the user-uploaded images from the Carousel displays, so at least you don’t have to worry about someone killing your branding with a bad photo.

22 Local SEO Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses by David Prochaska

Small BusinessUnsure of how to conquer local search results? It isn’t easy by any means, but with Prochaska’s 22 helpful tips, it sure is a lot easier. Use this tips to drive your rankings and convert more website visitors into leads. If you are a small business owner, don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your sales by participating in these great local SEO best practices.

“One week you might be number one, and the next week you might not even be on the first page. Welcome to the Internet. The key is to be as natural as possible when creating your website, but let the search engines know “Hey, this is what I do and where I’m located” without screaming and yelling at them (keyword stuffing).”

Google Adds Quick Facts to Maps by Ashley Zeckman

Local SEO Map

There is yet another reason to download Google’s Map application. Aside from the application’s interface integration, the desktop was introduced a new feature Quick Facts. The new feature saves you the trouble of having to search up weird and fascinating facts on the locations you view on the app. This may not seem all that ground-breaking, but its definitely an extra benefit to any map.

“Have you ever wanted to explore a destination from the comfort of your home, office or on the go? The recent Google Maps update now allows you to save locations that you’d like to visit and access the street view of many locations around the world. Now Google has added an additional feature called Quick Facts for desktop users looking for some extra factoids in their search.”

Yelp to Introduce Video Reviews by Pierre Zarokian

Laptop and FoodSince establishment, Yelp has maintained one of the top players in local search. Yelp reviews are fed to all the key search engines and local portals, so your business should remain highly aware of its’ rankings on the site. While written reviews have always been an important factor in local search, with 4 of 5 consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations, Yelp is planning to introduce video reviews for elite users as early as June 2014 to add some authenticity to reviews.

“This new format means big things for Yelp’s biggest power users, with regular uses getting the feature shortly after the kinks have been worked out. Soon, users will be able to upload short video clips to a business listing”

Image Sources: Google Research StudyRawpixel, Shutterstock; martiapunt, Shutterstock

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