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Mobile Is Dominating The Consumer Purchase Decision Process, According To New Study by Matt Southern

Mobile Shopping Findings from the 3rd Annual U.S Mobile Path-to-Purchase Study by xAd show that mobile is dominating the consumer purchase decision process. However, the interesting part is that majority of mobile-driven purchases actually occur offline. While it seems that many consumers continue to use mobile to make quick purchases, it also seems that consumers are turning to mobile as a tool to drive in-store activity.

“The study shows that mobile has now eclipsed desktop as a research tool. Consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices than ever, account for up to 64% of total time spent online. Of those mobile users, 42% consider mobile the most important resource in their purchase process.”

5 Responsive Design Trends That Will Revolutionize Your Business by Herbert Lui

Responsive Website DesignIf you thought web mobile optimization was a simple click away, you’re dead wrong. Responsive design plays a major part in this process and it’s more than just a couple things. There’s a lot, and businesses have been catching on using it to their advantage online. This post points 5 responsive design trends that have been working for the masses and are surely to revolutionize your business.

“Responsive design calls for a new focus on design that will require many changes, from exploring new hardware and software right down to the actual roles and responsibilities in organizations. However, this also opens up the possibilities of connecting with audiences in a much deeper way than we’d ever known, and collecting the data that will be crucial to brand and business success.”

The 5 worst mobile marketing mistakes that brands make by Cezar Kolodziej

Phone With the boom in smartphone and mobile data usage in recent years, marketers are jumping on the mobile bandwagon. Now, mobile can account as much as up to half purchase decisions for retail businesses. However, these marketers are not optimizing for the mobile environment. Mobile campaigns can not be treated the same way as digital campaigns.Kolodziej discusses five common mistakes that marketers make when running mobile campaigns.

“There’s good news and bad news for all of you mobile advocates out there. The good news: Among consumers, mobile usage continues to surge, and more marketers are starting to get serious about it. The bad news: While more marketers are executing mobile campaigns, not all are being executed effectively, leaving many mobile marketing initiatives with dismal results. While we all make mistakes here and there, a major mobile faux pas can leave quite an unfavorable impression of your brand with customers.”

Image Sources: Search Engine Journal; KieferPix, Shutterstock

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