Last week, we covered the immediate changes that Panda 4.0 and the Payday Loan 2.0 updates have had and how they affected SERPs. It’s been a few days since and with some of the changes settled, we review the effects in today’s inbound marketing mashup.

Panda 4.0: Good News for Smaller Affiliate Sites? by Sylvia Nakivell


What often happened when users searched for content on Google, was that large branded sites would outrank smaller affiliate sites with in-depth rich content. This happened even if the content on said large sites were shallow in nature. However, those smaller affiliate sites with good content have greatly benefited from the update and are ranking. Meanwhile, large sites that abused the old algorithm through thin directory pages such as “” have been penalized and are no longer exempt from Panda just because they are on a large site.

Netsyss Reveals All the Details About Google’s Panda 4.0 Update by Tony Simon

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While there has been a lot of change to Google’s search algorithm, Netsyss has been on the ball of what it all means. Their overall implication being, websites are in need of greater originality and usefulness across all site pages.

“The aim of these algorithm updates is to reduce the visibility of low-quality sites with thin content. This algorithm also made sure that “scraper” sites which had content copied from other sites were penalized. These sites were cleverly filtered. Even “Made for AdSense” sites were penalized by these updates. Google firmly believes that low-level websites and spam websites are damaging the very essence of search engine. The functionality of Google Search Engine is diminishing because of this kind of websites. This is why Google continually strives to scrutinize this kind of websites.”

Google May Be Pushing Out A New Update: Possibly Penguin? by Barry Schwartz

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Could the updates to Google’s Panda and Spam algorithm hint to yet another update? Analyzing the daily site visit of two sites, Schwartz gives us his insight on why he sees something bigger to come.

“It Was A Manual Action Against eBay, Not Panda 4.0” That Caused A Drop In Rankings, According to Re/Code by Matt Southern


When Panda 4.0 was released last week, it was originally thought that this was the cause of eBay’s plunge in rankings out of the ‘Big 10’.  However, according to Re/Code, the drop in rankings was not caused by the updated algorithm, but rather a manual action against eBay. Coincidence or cover-up? We’ll let you decide, because Google is unlikely to discuss another sites’ manual action any time soon.

“The reason why it is believed to be a manual action against eBay is because only individual pages were penalized, whereas an algorithm update like Panda would affect the entire site. This begs the question of what did eBay do to deserve a manual action? There’s no clear answer right now, but what is clear is what exactly Google penalized.”

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