Welcome back from the weekend! There’s always so much going on with inbound marketing that it only feels right to post today’s Mashup on everything SEO.

SEO 101: Are You Being Outranked by Your Own Content? by Dario Zadro

javascriptThe truth is, many of us are affected by scraper sites. Zadro tackles the lingering question of scraper sites, how it’s impacting page rankings and most importantly, what to do if a site is being outranked by scraper sites.

“Unfortunately, there has always been an ongoing problem with spammy websites lifting existing content verbatim, and passing it off as their own creation. These scraper sites not only devalue the original content they have stolen, but they can also impact the page rankings of the original page.”

SEO vs. SEM Timelines: A Medical Analogy by Matt Morgan

seo doctorTo the experienced marketing director and SEO consultant, they know that it takes time to see the fruits of SEO labour. However, most people just don’t get it.  Morgan explains why the SEO process requires ample time and patience, through a medical analogy.

“SEO is a long-term tactic that requires a solid foundation and consistency over time. When you get sick or have an infection, antibiotics aren’t going to provide instant relief. As you begin to take the antibiotics, it may seem as if nothing is happening, but you must believe in what the doctor suggests and take the medication as prescribed.”

Javascipt Debugging Tool Coming To Google Webmaster Tools by Matt Southern

Google Google is launching a new update within the next few days to help users better understand how Google renders their JavaScript-coded website. Previously, Googlebot only viewed raw text elements without being able to interpret a browser’s view. However, Google has been gradually attempting to improve its’ Javascript execution. Site owners can look forward to Google’s JavaScript debugging tool as a solution to existing and potential issues.

How to Be More Creative in Your Online Campaigns by Shelli Walsh

crayola It may seem counter-intuitive to think that your creativity can complement  SEO, but it’s true. For  Moreover, even if you think you aren’t the most colourful thinker, there are ways to improve your thinking thanks to Walsh.

“The SEO landscape has changed so much in the last few years in the wake of the Penguin and Panda apocalypse that the discipline is now considered in the broader terms of online marketing or digital marketing. The one element that is common is the requirement for new skills such as PR, classic marketing and most importantly: creativity.”

Image sources: Antonio Manfredonio, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, laffy4klaffy4k

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