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3 UX Considerations You Might Be Forgetting by Joe Darnell

User Experience ConsiderationsAlong with steering your user in the right direction, the UX goes beyond just feeling and aesthetics. User experience includes the logistics and operations of something, it’s how it works. Darnell covers this forgotten UX consideration along with two others that you might be forgetting.

“We designers should understand it’s what Steve Jobs once said about great design. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Remember that, because it’s the first of the three UX considerations you might overlook.”

Conversation Optimization: Measuring Usability In The User Experience (UX) – Part 3 by Shari Thurow

Conversation Optimization This article is part 3 of a wonderful and informative article series, detailing six items that usability professionals measure to ensure a positive user experience. Poor or substandard interface is typically the main reason that compromised user experiences occur. If you haven’t, be sure to check out Part 1 and 2 of the series to receive a whole understanding of all six usability items that help users realize they are not at fault.

“When I analyze a website, inevitably I spend considerable time on error prevention and defensive design. No website is perfect to all users because users have different mental models and context. Nevertheless, through heuristic evaluation and performance tests, website owners can improve the user experience on their web pages.”

Choosing the Right Metrics for User Experience by Pamela Pavliscak

User Experience MetricsThe success of your UX strategy can be determined from the use of metrics, but the metrics that marketers often use do not give you any useful insight into the actual user experience. In order to properly understand these insights, you need to get more granular with your metrics and understand why those metrics matter in the context of your site. Pavliscak goes over how you can extrapolate from this and find UX metrics to better track your success.

“UX strategists need to take charge of the metrics for online experiences. First, we’ll look at the current state of metrics in most organizations and some of the problems in defining metrics for user experience. Then, we’ll focus on three key types of metrics for user experience, how to track them, and how to integrate them into an organization’s measurement framework.”

Check out these exciting UX Design Events in June:

The UX Strategies Summit in San Francisco (June10-12): “The UX Strategies Summit will be holding it’s first installment in San Francisco this summer, June 10-12, 2014. The UX Strategies Summit will gather UX strategists, practitioners, product managers and designers for three days of interactive, education and case study based presentations on how to create a successful UX strategy, design compelling experiences, and how these can help organizations reach their business goals.”

Inbound Marketing Toronto in Toronto (June 18): Meet with Genco Cebecioglu, CEO & Creative Director at Junction Design Inc., and Dev Basu, CEO at Powered by Search to hear about UX design, CRO, and network with the coolest marketers around.

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