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4 Tips for Killer Calls to Action in Your Emails by Alexis Rodrigo

Computer on deskYou’ve got your email-subscribers list and you’re ready to start email blasting. Great. But are you missing something? Essential to email marketing is your “call-to-action”. Alexis Rodrigo gives 4 amazing tips on getting the most click throughs for your email CTA.

“After your subscribers open and actually read your email, the next challenge is to get them to convert. In other words, it’s time to take action.”

The Cowards Guide to Hacking Facebook’s Review System by Patrick Coombe

FacebookCould your competitors be sabotaging your business’s social media presence? Facebook’s review system allows them to lower your review scores and harm your business.

“Facebook’s commitment to privacy has left this social vulnerability wide open.”

2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Mike Stelzner

Social media on phoneThe 6th Annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Mike Stelzner is based on a survey of over 2,800 marketers. Covering social media marketing topics from the most important social platforms for marketing to the most important social content, it’s definitely worth a look at for any social media advocate. The report is free to download until May 30th.

How Taco Bell is Winning the Online Marketing Game by Alt Media Marketing

TacosTaco Bell has recently been dominating the world of inbound marketing by developing a unique online presence to connect with millennials. Jones’ explains how businesses can learn a great deal from Taco Bell to look at what the brand is doing that has been so successful.

“Taco Bell has truly gone above and beyond when it comes to online marketing. Few other businesses can claim to be even as half as effective as the fast food chain when it comes to channels like social media.

Image sources: Tomas Laurinavicius, Marco PakoeningratSean MacEntee, Jason Howie, Luca Nebuloni

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