Which right minded opportunist has not thought about striking it out on their own? I currently lead the life of an intrapreneur – One who thrives as an entrepreneur within a corporate environment…perhaps the best of both worlds.

My friend and fellow Toronto based marketer Satish Kanwar recently presented at Refresh, one of the increasingly popular ‘unconferences’ taking place in the city. Check out what he has to say beyond the jump:Satish Kanwar – Entrepreneur Versus Employee

Wikipedia (no you’re not getting a link) says:

Intrapreneurship is the practice of using entrepreneurial skills without taking on the risks or accountability associated with entrepreneurial activities. It is practiced by employees within an established organization using a business model. Employees, perhaps engaged in a special project within a larger firm are supposed to behave as entrepreneurs, even though they have the resources and capabilities of the larger firm to draw upon. Capturing the dynamic nature of entrepreneurial management (trying things until successful, learning from failures, attempting to conserve resources, etc.) adds to the potential of an otherwise static organizations without exposing those employees or self employed people to the risks or accountability normally associated with entrepreneurial failure.

Refresh Events: StayFresh08 – Refresh is a rapidly growing monthly meetup that brings together Toronto’s interactive community in a learning, sharing, and networking setting. I’m planning on attending one of these in the very near future.
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