If you still think instant messaging is some sort of teenage fad, you’re probably a dinosaur! But that’s OK, even dinosaurs can learn. Google Hangouts can be used for so much more than silly emotions and small talk, and here’s how:

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Hey, I’m Goran, and I’m one of the digital marketing specialists here at Powered By Search. Today, I wanted to talk to you about Google Hangouts. Now, you might think this is sort of just the regular instant messaging app for teenagers, but it’s actually really useful for increasing communications efficiency. So, let’s just jump straight into it.

To get Hangouts, all you got to to do is go to google.com/hangouts. You can get it on your mobile devices or on your computer. If you do get it on your computer, it lives in your system tray. Here’s the icon here. And, once you click it, this is the interface that shows up. So, you’ll already have your contacts from your Gmail, and you can just click on any one to start chatting. This is what the chat view looks like. At the bottom here, obviously, you put in your message. You can send Emojis. I know that’s the most important thing in the world. And you can actually add images or photos, that brings up this little uploader. When you hover over the image icon, you also get the pencil icon which lets you draw, you know, messages. Draw a little star because, you know, maybe I think the person I’m messaging is a star. Anyway, you go back to the top here. And you have the icon for video calling, and you can add more people to a conversation. The gear here is a little sort of Settings tab. You can disable notification, check history, block users, delete archive, kind of the same options you have in, let’s say, Gmail. The same applies to the overall Hangouts use. So, I’m just going to minimize this.

And if we click here, we can get some options for our own accounts. I’m just going to back out of this view now. And this is actually really useful. So, you don’t necessarily need to start a conversation with someone and add people to it. You can just go into the search mode, click people’s names. So, let’s say, I want to add Ben to this and Adrian, I can message them or start a video call right away. And you may have seen the option already here to call someone’s phone. This is using Google’s phone features.

So, there’s actually a couple more cool things about Google Hangouts that I wish to cover before we go. So, if we head over to Google Plus, now from here, you can actually use Google Hangouts completely. You don’t even need to download it, and the same applies to your Gmail. But, let’s say, we go to Google Plus, we head over to the main drop-down tab, we go over to the Hangouts, and you can actually start a Hangout on Air. What this means is you can actually create a public Hangout. So, it’ll be like a massive video conference. You just hit this blue button, and you can start it now or schedule it for later. And it doesn’t actually have to be public, if you don’t want it to be. You can limit it to only certain people in your Google network. You got the description here. You got the name, really useful. And once you actually start a live Hangout, a public Hangout, people can ask questions, you can mark questions as responded. It’s just like a giant, big chatroom with webcams and everyone’s involved.

So, that about sums up Google Hangouts in a nutshell. There’s a few more secrets in there that, you know, maybe I don’t want to give away. But I’ll give you one. If you type in /ponies like so, hit Enter, you’ll get ponies across the screen. you know, it’s pretty sweet, communications efficiency. But yeah, that’s been Google Hangouts. It’s super-handy because it ties in with all the other Google services, ties in with Google Calendar as well.

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