If you’re frustrated with your Adwords and need customer support, what’s an SMB to do if they can’t find that information easily? Google hasn’t won any customer service awards recently, but over the years they have improved the level of service from being non-existent to being somewhat hard to find. Here are three resources to get in touch with them, in order of the shortest response times:

Google Adwords Chat Support

Get in touch with an Adwords rep after filling in information regarding your campaign and your particular adwords issues. Service is generally very fast, and most reps are transparent and provide insightful advice on your account. Email transcripts are also available. If a rep is unable to solve your issue on the spot, they will take down your details and contact you with a specified time frame.

Here’s the link to  Google Adwords Chat Support

Google Adwords Forum

The forum is the best place to get multiple opinions on your Adwords issue from other users and Google staff alike. It’s also a good place to learn tips and tricks related to Adwords.

Here’s the link to the Google Adwords Help Forum

Google Adwords Feedback Form

Sometimes you’ll notice a competitor having ads up that are against the TOS or ad guidelines. If you’re up to complaining about these slipping through the system, you can use this feedback form.

What to Do When All Else Fails

Hire an Adwords Qualified consultant or company to review your account, suggest changes, and either restructure it to improve performance or manage it on an on-going basis. You can find a list of qualified partners through the Google Adwords Partner Search.
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