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Google Glass has been creating a ridiculous amount of buzz throughout the year after it launched The Explorer Edition – available only to testers and Google I/O developers in early 2013. If this hype continues throughout 2014 when Google finally launches the consumer version, local businesses can expect to gain a significant amount of visibility. That is, only if they are optimizing their local SEO for Google Glass.

“Local search and navigation should be a pretty common usage of Glass, and it’s certainly one of the main uses that Google has had in mind all along.” Matt McGeeSearch Engine Land

Optimize for Hummingbird

With the recent Hummingbird update, it is no surprise that Google is attempting to make search more “human like” by switching traditional keyword phrases to localized long tailed keyword phrases. This solidifies the fact that local businesses need to be implementing long tailed keywords in their SEO. Preferably in the form of an answer to a question so that people using Google Glass can ask for example “Okay Glass, find the best Philly Cheese Steak.”

Optimize for Google+

Secondly, Google Glass is not designed for long form content. It produces only the best and highest rating results, so that consumers don’t need to spend additional time sorting through results that are unnecessary.

“…it’s not intended to watch a full-length movie or read a book; it’s designed around what we call micro-interactions. It’s designed for fast and brief experiences.” – Google

This also solidifies that all businesses need to have Google+ Local and Google+ for business. If Glass is going to be only producing let’s say the top 3 results for “best drycleaner in your area” anyone not in the top 3 results is going to be extinct in Glass. That is why it is so important to have great Google customer reviews, high quality content published frequently to Google+, consistent NAP, obtaining +1s and  increasing your followers. These tips will not only keep your rankings at the top of Glass, but at the top of Google search as a whole.


Google+ Business



Not only does Glass offer users with wifi, real time updates, voice command, navigation, voice translation, Bluetooth, video and picture capturing and much more, it now offers a wide variety of applications as well. One application that caught my eye was Niantic Labs Field Trip app. This application provides travelers with historic places and events, architecture, food and drink, outdoor art, insider tips and hidden gems from over 100 local publisher partners right before your eyes… literally right before your eyes. Fans of Field Trip no longer have to pull their phone out and launch the mobile application. They can now be provided with all the local information they need in their geographic area hands free.

Will Glass Flop?

Google has developed its fair share of product flops in the past, however from the looks of it Glass might appear on top. The Glass team still has a long way to go in terms of fixing all the bugs and ensuring the technology produces the perfect user experience. But let’s be honest, it’s Google, if anyone is going to attempt and succeed at wiping out mobile devices with a new form of technology its them.

“I walked away convinced this wasn’t just one of Google’s weird flights of fancy.” Joshua TopolskyThe Verge

It may seem funny at first watching people walk around like cyborgs, but Google has big plans for the future and if you optimize your business right, you might be seeing crowds of people with these Star Trek glasses on.

Glass Overview

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