Will Inbox be useful?

This Wednesday, Google announced a new app called Inbox. Google claims that Inbox is designed to allow you to break through the the influx of emails you receive daily so you can focus on the most important emails to help you get things done faster.

Google has made it clear that Inbox is a different app from Gmail. Currently, it is invite only, but if you want to get it sooner just email Google at inbox@google.com with your request.

Smartphone using Inbox

The three features that will make up Inbox are:

 Bundles: This feature seems to be an evolution from the excellent category system Google implemented for Gmail. However in Inbox, users can create their own filters and choose the type of emails they want to be seen together.

 Highlights: This feature is touted to pick out all the important information from a email so you can see everything you need to know off an email by a glance e.g. for a flight booking email, Inbox will only show the flight itinerary.

 Reminders, Assists, and Snooze: This feature seems designed to be a daily planner, notifying you of to-do tasks and reminders.

Reminders, Assists feature of Inbox

What does this mean?

The million dollar question that needs to be asked is will the features offered from Inbox lead to it being widely used by Gmail users?

There are two challenges to the widespread adoption of Inbox.

  • Because Inbox is a different app from Gmail but offers similar features, there will be friction between them. While Google hopes that it’s users will use both apps in relatively equal measure, it is possible that, people will just stick to using Gmail’s category system to organize their email and ignore Inbox.
  • Apps such as Boxer or Mailbox, already offer features that are similar to the ones touted by Inbox. Google seems to be releasing Inbox to be a strong competitor to said apps, though it’s still uncertain how well Inbox will fare against them.

When & Where

Despite failures like Google authorship or Google+, Google’s successes have far outweighed it’s failures. Because of Google’s brand for successful apps i.e. Google Drive, Google Map, it is likely that Inbox will provide some benefit and that the majority of users will at least give it a chance once they have access to it. Regardless if Inbox meets expectations or not, after this initial launch, we can expect that Google will continue building it up through updates to appeal to Gmail users.

 Will you try out Google’s Inbox? Let us know in the comments below. And if you want to know more about how you can use email in your marketing strategy then check out our Ultimate Guide to Inbound Email Marketing.

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