More Robust Reporting Eh!

When the Enhanced Dashboard reporting interface first went live in June 2009, I couldn’t wait till its new reporting features rolled outside the US and onto Canada and the rest of the world. The last two weeks have been pivotal in that type of progress, with reports that users in Europe and India being able to view the enhanced dashboard, complete with impressions, actions, and common search queries. I’m happy to report that as of today, the enhanced dashboard reports have been rolled out to all Canadian users.

As a recap here are some of the top features of the new reporting interface:

Top Additions to Google Local Business Center

  • Graphical Impression and View Counts (akin to Google Analytics)
  • Driving direction requests by view count that tie back to the Postal Code or City, State driving traffic.
  • Top Search Queries triggering Local Maps

If you noticed the strikethrough above you’re probably wondering why the neighbourhood mapping for driving direction requests hasn’t rolled out to the Canadian reporting dashboard yet. This is something that irks me a bit as well, as that type of data should technically already have been gathered by Google over time, in the same way it is for US businesses.

Yet progress is progress and I’ll take it over the lack of any reporting at all.Like what you’ve read? Click here to subscribe to this blog!

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