Managing a Global SEO Campaign was an interesting session with some highly informative tips. Here is an overview of what was discussed:


Ian McAnerin: CEO, McAnerin Networks Inc.

Crispin Sheridan: SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP

Michael Bonfils: International Managing Director, SEM International

First up was Ian McAnerin who methodologically explained some key points to keep in mind while strategizing for a Global SEO campaign. His presentation revolved around 3 main ideas:

  • Plan Centrally
  • Synchronize Globally
  • Execute Locally

Some common issues while optimizing a site on a global scale include:

  • Translation and localization issues
  • Spellings
  • Wrong local terms
  • Misrepresentation of popular culture

Remember to:

  • Figure out what’s best for each market
  • Avoid using generic ethnic images while localizing
  • Avoid using text elements for sizing: Translations are never the same size as original

Final Advice:

  • Sell in mature markets and promote brand in emerging markets
  • Never geo-locate a search engine
  • Flags are for countries, not for languages
  • “English Site” should go to Home Page and “English” should go to the same page in English

Crispin Sheridan’s tips explained how to:

  • Use country flags in Google Webmaster Tools
  • Use canonical tags to differentiate authoritative content from duplicate content.
  • Emphasize on local building

And finally Michael Bonfils presented his ideas with the help of a fictional case study on Tom Whortons, a coffee company that is planning to expand on a global scale. His main pointers included:

  • Defining Target Market: Local competition, technical factors, web analytics and keyword research data
  • Evaluate Content: Look at e-commerce and payment options in different countries, local contact information on all pages
  • Create Translation Strategy: Find a localization specialist NOT a translator, third party proof-reading, keyword research specialist

A global keyword development strategy should keep in mind:

  • Plural vs Singular
  • Dropped accents
  • Common mistypes caused by keyboard layout
  • Broken compounds
  • Alternate characters
  • Inflections
  • Linguistic dialects/diversity (country language different from native language)
  • Linguistic grouping

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