How I Generated a 4.72% Click Thru Rate of Social Twitter Ads

One of the biggest problems with Social Media channels such as Facebook and Twitter is that there’s too much Noise and not enough Signal. Good content often gets buried in a news stream filled with content ranging from self-indulgent rhetoric to @replies and re-tweets. So does the idea of a Social Paid Search campaign always play second fiddle to much more targeted Search & Display ad campaigns where the user intent is much more apparent? While this may be true for Facebook Ads where achieving a Click Thru Rate of 1% is the exception to the rule, I found Twitter Ads to be much more worth while. To setup my test, I decided to promote our series of Inbound Marketing Toronto meetups (if you’re in Toronto and interested in Inbound Marketing, you should absolutely join) and see what type of results Twitter Ads could generate. With a small test budget of $100 and $5/daily spend I was able to garner 6513 impressions, 2.21% CTR, 144 clicks for a whopping total spend of $83.25.

What is a Promoted Tweet

Promoted Tweets appear directly in the timeline among non-paid tweets. Twitter regularly analyzes the engagement rate of the advertisers tweets to identify five of the most engaging to create an ad to serve to users automatically. While a specific tweet can’t be selected, it’s possible to remove the tweets that you don’t want to promote. Also, replies and retweets will not be considered for promotion.

How to Setup your Promoted Tweet

1. Sign into Twitter Ads

2. Setup your account with relevant billing details.

3. Choose your Target Country. At this point Twitter does not let you get granular to the City level so I chose Canada for our meetup.

4. Scroll down to the Promoted Tweets tab and setup your budgets and the tweet you want to promote. I chose to go with a spend of $5/daily and an decided to max out the average Cost Per Click (CPC) at $1.50. Please note that Twitter’s estimate of how many clicks you will receive daily is no where nearly as sophisticated as Google’s Keyword Estimator tool for Adwords.

Breaking down my Promoted Tweet

I decided to keep things simple and focus on promoting a tweet rather than promoting an account or a trend. Here’s what my tweet looked like:

If you analyze my tweet, it follows the copy-writing principle known as AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

1. I draw the Attention of Twitter users who are Torontonians, and interested in Inbound Marketing, SEO, or SEM.

2. I created Interest by asking them if they want to learn to ‘super-charge’ their inbound marketing.

3. I influenced Desire by indicating that the take-aways from the meetup would be applicable in 2013. This makes the message timely.

4. I drove Action by asking users to ‘attend’ #InboundTO.

If you do the math, each click came in around $0.57 which offers great value for attracting local traffic. Not only did we boost sign-ups to a brand new meetup, we also actually got user engagement with our ad! Here’s an @reply from Ashley Ashbee who said she’s joining the first Inbound Marketing Toronto meetup after seeing my promoted tweet.

5 Ideas You can Use to Test your Own Twitter Ads Campaign

  1. Use hash-tags which include your business’ main keywords to gain mind-share.
  2. Use promoted trends to promote your next event’s #hashtag.
  3. Gain more local followers by promoting your account.
  4. Promote lead-generation offers such as white-papers or webinars.
  5. Seed content and extend the reach of social media friendly content via Twitter.

Have you used Twitter Ads and had success? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.
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