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6 Steps to Build a Social Listening Dashboard by Marcela De Vivo 

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Social listening has numerous benefits to your social media strategy, but with such fast-paced responses, things can get chaotic. Here are 6 steps to organize your social listening. “First, identify your industry’s key players and make note of their social profiles (including website or blog URLs). Then, research which keywords work best for you so you can find relevant content to share with your fans. I suggest you put that information into a master spreadsheet so it’s easily accessible. The spreadsheet is helpful for everyday reference, but it also ensures your new tools are bringing you the information and content you need. With the right organization and tools, you can do more in less time.”

How YouTube Remarketing Is Making The World A Better Place by Alan Smith

There are millions of ways to effectively convert a potential lead when they’ve visited your website. However this is only the case because you’re playing on home turf. What can you do when you get visitors to your YouTube channel? This posts offers great insight on the how to’s and why’s of remarketing with your YouTube videos. “YouTube remarketing is no different from Google remarketing except it involves video content in it. When a viewer watches a video content on your YouTube channel, the viewer gets a unique cookie so they can be recognized. You can later track that viewer and remarket with the help of Google AdWords. The Google Display Network helps you target viewers by displaying your ads or promotional messages. The viewer clicks on your ad, revisits your site, and hopefully converts.”

4 Upcoming ROI Boosters From Bing Ads Editor by Ping Jen

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In early March Bing released a new tool, called of Bing Ads Editor, to better organize extensions data with ease. It’s launch received quite a bit of positive feedback, and Jen’s original article from March is a great run-through of its previous design and functionality. However, Bing has announced the release of a new version of Ads Editor that is currently in its beta testing stage, and is set to become available with in the next few weeks. Jen’s new article provides a great overview of how the updated tool will come with extended targeting enhancements that can help you increase ROI and streamline your process. ” These changes will provide:

  • Better visibility and bulk editing capability in managing location target entries
  • Higher granularity and scale in setting radius targets
  • Greater flexibility in managing search traffic
  • Easier management of publisher sites”

Going Beyond Rank: Not Your Father’s SEO by Samantha Karren

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It was hard enough the first time, but it’s time to update your old SEO tactics. Karren explains in her article why it’s important to move away from short-term internet marketing strategies to more long-term tactics to build sustaining customer relationships. “Well, many factors affect a site’s rank and overall online impact. More companies out there are realizing the importance of this change.

  • The Huffington Post suggests that keyword ranking is a useless tool because, by itself, it doesn’t automatically result in conversions or revenue.
  • argues that keyword ranking reports are dying because so many other factors can make your keyword rank irrelevant.”

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