It’s That Time of Year Again

Fall is a wonderful time when students like cracking out the books again, and getting back into the world of academia. Between being knee deep in building a business, and staying on top of all the crazy changes the Local Search world has seen lately, I like to give back every year by delivering guest lectures at the University of Toronto at Scarborough. This year, I had the unique opportunity to have a different experience than talking to students about SEO and Internet Marketing as a career. Instead, Professor Chris Bovaird got in touch me with to talk to his 3rd year class on the topic of Personal Branding and leading the life of a consultant.

The course, known as New Ways of Work: Consulting, Contracting, and Freelancing is aimed at entrepreneurial students geared towards freelancing, self-startups, and general contracting. I spent an hour or two discussing why having your very own personal brand is so important, followed by some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years in the process of prospecting, pitching, proposal writing, and closing the sale. Here’s the slide deck I presented:

Personal Branding 101 – You Inc

Disclaimer: The images are copyrights of their respective owners. The quote ‘people shop similarities, but buy the differences’ is courtesy Mr. Rick Shaban, sales guru extraordinaire.Like what you’ve read? Click here to subscribe to this blog!

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