Is marketing the ability to distract the largest number of people and push them to do what you want? Or is it an aspect of product and project creation; a test of authenticity, honesty, reliability and accountability?

Alex Rascanu, our Marketing Manager here at Powered by Search, brings you the second installment of Inbound Tuesdays!

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Marketing Authentically Transcript:

Hi. I’m Alex, the Marketing Manager at Powered By Search. Welcome to the second edition of Inbound Tuesdays. This week let’s talk about marketing.

Harvard professor Peter Drucker said that marketing and innovation produce results. All of the rest are costs. Marketing is a distinguishing, unique function of any business. Each and every day we are bombarded by countless online and offline marketing ads, and we then have the opportunity to step back and understand whether the marketing for this product, idea, or service actually matters in reality.

We take the example of someone marketing themselves as Toronto’s best SEO agency, when in fact they only have basic SEO knowledge and they’re constantly losing clients. Now we should perhaps realize what our expertise is and focus on that in order to win against our competitors. The kind of question that we could perhaps ask ourselves is, “What would happen if you were in the marketing? What would happen if every action that you took was so good that people would turn around and want to tell others, ‘Hey, you know what, this person is the real deal’?”

This is very much the case with individuals like Rand Fishkin, who is the founder of SEOmoz, as well as leadership speaker and author John Maxwell.

What if what I market is different from what I am? Will I not send a mixed signal? Let’s have a think about that, because if we can focus on developing a daily discipline to do what’s right, if we are authentic in our interactions with others, and we are truthful and reliable and accountable, we develop a good reputation for ourselves, which then turns into recommendations, many of them unsolicited, and this results in business success.

We have to ensure that we’re closing the chasm between marketing and reality. Who are some of the great marketers in your industry? Let us know in the comments section below. I’d love to discuss it with you.

We’ll see you again next Tuesday. Take care.

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