Doing some content marketing today? Here’s one tip you can add to the mix right away. It’ll help you build relationships, improve your distribution and raise the quality of your content.

For today’s Inbound Tuesdays I had the chance to share this one piece of advice and three methods of implementing it.

Check out the video below or read through the summary after the jump.

Relationships & Content Marketing Summary:

Hey folks!

Welcome to Inbound Tuesdays #4. My name is Troy and I’m one of the Inbound Marketing and SEO Consultants at Powered by Search. Today I have one tip to give you on relationships and content marketing.

It’s fairly straight-forward: the next time you’re creating a piece of content, involve at least one other person from outside of your organization. This could be someone working in your industry at any level, one of your heroes in a related industry or even a client or potential client.

There are a million ways to implement this, but here are three:

  1. Crowd sourced content. Find a question that you’d like the answer  to; what do people really think? What kinds of topics do you love to talk about, like the most aggressive marketing strategy you’ve ever implemented, and ask a bunch of people who you have a lot of respect for. As part of this process make sure that you’re personal, polite and friendly! Give everyone something for helping you out. Here’s an example:
  2. Use quotations. Don’t just quote random people; talk to someone about the post where they’re most likely to answer you. An example could be tweeting them a question and including his answer in your post, sending email to someone you’ve worked with briefly, or having a call with someone you know fairly well. Here’s an example where I’ve asked a bunch of SEO experts on Twitter and included their responses:
  3. Celebrate others. Let’s not dodge it, we’re all guilty of being prideful sometimes. Celebrating our own successes and trying to hide the fact that there are other awesome people out there. Instead spend some time being proud of others, and ask them a little bit about how they managed to become so good. A colleague of mine put together a post on the top 10 paid SEO tools where we also asked those tool providers for a blurb on what problem their tool was solving.

Give these a try and see how they affect your content. Let me know if you’ve tried it, let me know if you’d try it again!

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