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This week, there were three big pieces of news: YouTube is pushing users to switch to real names (take that, anonymity!), Google rolled out their Fiber product in Kansas City, MO, officially making them a player in the internet service provider space, and they released the Advanced tab for site Index Status in Google Webmaster Tools.

Meanwhile, on the content front, lots to do with big data, unnatural links, and engagement. The must-see link for the week is Annie Cushing’s Must-Have Tools, which is a comprehensive list of tools that any search marketer or marketer in general would find tremendously useful.

Have an amazing weekend, and be sure to catch the opening ceremony for the Olympics today! Should be a good one.

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E-commerce and online shopping dominates the time and wallets of Canadians: in 2010, 74% of time spent online was attributed to shopping, the average order size per person was $1,362, and the retail e-commerce market was worth $15.3 billion in Canada.
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