This week’s search tips of the week include the science behind colors in marketing, 10 lessons from a 100k pageview post, how everything you say online can affect your future career and your employer, how to move search engine rankings for old content, how to move beyond tactics and channels to build a great web marketing strategy, as well as Matt Cutts’ video on what to expect in SEO over the coming months.

Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors in Marketing – Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, points out some neat examples of how colors actually affect our purchasing decisions. After all, sight is the strongest developed sense in most human beings. It’s only natural that 90% of an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone.

Color emotion guide

10 Lessons from a 100k Pageview Post – Stephen Kenwright points out that this kind of thing might happen to Rand Fishkin all the time, but it’s not often that a digital marketing company based in Leeds gets 100,000+ people reading anything it does (at least on its own site). That’s what unexpectedly happened to his agency site a few weeks ago – what essentially started as a rant from some guy having a bad day blew up and now has 1,184 votes on Hacker News (and incoming links from some of the biggest sites in the world).

The Death of Corporate Brands and Personal Brands – Social media has changed rapidly over the last five years. More and more brands have taken to social, the privacy of our information has drastically reduced and people are more willing to share information. This creates interesting problems and means ultimately the days of separating our “personal brands” from the businesses we work for is ending. So what does that mean for people and businesses? Check out the presentation that Mike Essex from Koozai:

How to Move Rankings Up On Older, Existing Content – Whiteboard Friday – Many owners of established, older pages are facing a similar issue: they’ve been ranking decently for a keyword for some time, but they want to move into the coveted number one spot. However, older pages don’t drive a ton of new press, new social signals, or awareness. If you want to boost your rankings for the same keyword you’ve been targeting for awhile, how can you move up to move the needle on your business?

SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday - How to Move Rankings Up On Older Existing Content

Strategic Web Marketing – Rand Fishkin, founder of SEOMoz, shares about how to move beyond tactics and channels to build a web marketing practice that’s vision-driven, effective, and measurable.

What to Expect in SEO in the Coming Months – Google just recently taped a new round of webmaster videos, and Matt Cutts thought this video deserved a full-fledged blog post. This is his rough estimate (as of early May 2013) of what search engine optimizers (SEOs) and webmasters should expect in the next few months:

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