This weekly installment of our Search Tips of the Week is here to highlight the finest, freshly released resources in the world of search. This week we provide some great advice on how to creatively link build, an overview of where SEO is heading, as well as some thoughts on Google personalized search, whether more comments make your blog stronger, and what China has done to Google.

The Most Creative Link Building Post Ever – The post from PointBlankSEO is filled with people who work in the field of SEO giving their rebuttal to a question he posed to them: “what was the most creative way that you, or someone you know, got a link?”

The Future of SEO – Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, covers in this presentation major trends in click distribution, cost of acquisition, the growth of search, what has and what hasn’t changed in SEO, strategic tips for SEO, tactical tips for SEO and inbound.

Do More Comments Make Your Blog Stronger? – Do comments indicate the strength of your blog? Has commenting just evolved into social media sharing and updating? Or better yet… do more comments even make a huge difference to your blog?

China Blocks Google Search, Gmail, Google+, Maps & More – Search Engine Land reports that China has decided to block Google services. Currently, Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Drive, and other Google products are currently not working when trying to access them within China.

Flavours of Google Personalized Search & “Magic Keywords” – Google personalizes your search results based on your geography, search history, seasonal sharing, social connections, previous queries, as well as everyone’s previous queries. But when is personalized search not personalized search?

Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

“Inbound marketing is a long term investment and channels where others don’t invest is where the real opportunity lies.” (Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz)

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