This week we once again highlight the finest, recently released resources in the world of search. We take a look at using Google + Hangouts for SEO, the need to have a social media strategy in case of a tragedy, what SEO is, the Google Panda Update 23, and finding guest blogging opportunities.

Social Media Strategy in Times of Tragedy – When tragedy strikes, as it did one week ago, brands are more often finding themselves in an awkward situation. How can brands act as friends? What does that conversation look like? Can a company be empathetic or consoling… and is it their place to try to be that, or is it exploitation, self-serving and inappropriate?

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Google+ Hangouts and How to Use Them for SEO – As you hear more about Google+ Hangouts from Google’s advertising campaigns you may be wondering to yourself, what exactly are Google+ Hangouts and do they have any practical SEO benefits?

What The Heck Is SEO? A Rebuttal – This article is a collective reply of the active members of the SEO community to the article “The Inconvenient Truth About SEO” in which Paul Boag discusses the value of search engine optimization for website owners. Written and edited by Bill Slawski and Will Critchlow, this article explains what exactly “SEO” means today and discusses the common view many Web designers share about the work of SEO companies.

Official: It’s Google Panda Update 23, Impacting ~1.3% Of Queries – Google has confirmed rumors of a Google update announcing on Twitter that they pushed out a Panda data refresh today impacting about 1.3% of English queries.

Finding Guest Blogging Opportunities – Guest blogging is one of the important tools to build your brand and earn recognition and also get some links, though it’s been little overused by many, it still has huge potential. With Google including author ranks as a factor in its algorithm, you should not ask for an invitation to start blogging.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, addresses questions about negative SEO:

“SEO is the practice of making it easier for site owners and their audience to find each other, to meet the objectives of the site owner and the informational and situational needs of that audience. This means in part helping site owners find the right language to use that audience members will search for, and overcoming technical obstacles that might keep search engines from crawling and indexing the great content developed for that audience.” (Bill Slawski)

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