This week the Canadian government introduced an extensive budget bill that includes cuts to MP pensions, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s campaigns for the US presidency have intensified, the Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot in the head by the Taliban for advocating for women’s right to education is now standing again, and the UN is meeting Syria’s Foreign Minister to push for cease-fire in the country. But what are the search engine optimization tips of the week? Here we go:

Google Disavow Tool & What it Means for SEO – Google announced yesterday the launch of the much awaited disavow tool. It`s meant to assist webmasters in discounting suspicious, or spammy links to their sites that may have been penalizing or confining them to Google’s sandbox. Learn more about what it is, how to use it, when to use it, and implications.

The Steps You Need to Define the Stages of Your Sales & Marketing Funnel – Organizations with good alignment between sales and marketing teams achieved 20% annual revenue growth in 2010, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group. By contrast, companies with poor alignment saw revenues decline by 4%. Follow these steps to help define the stages of your funnel that both Sales and Marketing can agree upon and collaborate around.

10 Simple Tips to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO – When engineers built Google+, they constructed an SEO juggernaut to dominate search results above all other social platforms. Although Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts, both restrict Google from accessing much of their data. This limits their SEO effectiveness. Not so with Google+.

6 Steps to Blogging with Purpose – Blogging for your business should never be for kicks and giggles, or worse, to simply “connect with your audience” – what does that even mean? The answer is simple: you blog to grow your bottom line. That’s it.

Your Guide to Google’s EMD Algorithm Update – Google has unleashed yet another algorithm as part of a series of updates that are aimed at providing users with better search results and experience. This time, Google’s update, dubbed the “EMD update,” focuses on ridding the SERPs of spammy or low-quality “exact-match” domains.

Is freshness an important signal for all sites?

“You can chase whatever keywords and phrases you like, but at the end of the day it’s all about those conversions.” (Matt Webb)

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