Google’s Panda update 3.92 rolling out – Google announced its 20th Panda update, which will impact 0.7% of queries. Danny Sullivan takes a look back through the Panda algorithm updates history to help you understand what this latest one might mean for your site.

Guide to dominating search with content marketing – Neil Patel shares five tips for leveraging Google’s recent algorithm changes to affect your Author Rank: optimize personalized search, increase social sharing, use semantic keyword research, create long-form blog posts, and implement the Google authorship markup.

Content Marketing – Think Campaigns Not Just Links – Rather than building links, focus on attracting them, says Kieran Flanagan. “Content Marketing is so much more than getting links. It’s the glue that holds your funnel together. It’s the reason a prospect visits your site, it’s the reason they choose to move further down the purchase path, buy a product and return to your site time and again. Real content marketing is complex; it’s not just building a great infographic and notifying some bloggers about it.”

9 Facebook marketing tips to improve engagement – Facebook marketing techniques to increase consumer engagement with your business: get personal, use pictures, run a contest, have fun, showcase a cause, use Facebook apps, consider using your personal profile, crowdsource your content, and show love to your fans.

Google’s user personalisation profile and Google Plus – Bill Slawski looks into whether your Google Plus user information affecting your search results. Google’s patent information shows how much personalization can affect your SERPs.

Google Wants You To Use Keyword Metatags:

“The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.” (Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team)

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