This installment of our Search Tips of the Week is here to highlight the finest, freshly released resources in the world of search. This week we delve into how you can prepare for your company`s next social media crisis, how to drive massive traffic to your site organically, how to figure out if you surely need a mobile site, and how to improve your blogger outreach.

Scared Eggs

13 Things to Know Before a Social Media Crisis – Social media crises are a reality and a risk that we all face today. We’re all vulnerable to online attacks that threaten having a lasting and damaging impact on our brand’s reputation, both online and offline, and bottom-line. But do you have a plan? Do you know the difference between a social media crisis and a social media issue? Do you know how you’d react to either one?

Growing a New Website to 100,000+ Organic Visits Per Month in Less Than 1 Year – This is a case study on how Nick Eubanks built a website that receives over 100,000 visitors per month, in less than 1 year, without spending any money on advertising. He says that this was done 100% through SEO and content strategy.

How To Gather Evidence To Help Determine If It’s Time For A Mobile Website -Is it time for you to invest into a mobile website? Carrie Hill was talking to some clients a few weeks ago and in separate conversations, both asked her if it was time for a mobile website. Their current websites rendered okay on a smartphone, but they noticed a lack of conversions for mobile users, as well as a high bounce rate.

The Blogger Outreach Equation – Kelsey Libert explains that to improve the placement rate of your blogger outreach team, you should leverage these lessons as methods for proving value.

Will LinkedIn endorsements have an effect on search results? – Many dub LinkedIn the social media platform for professionals, with numerous organisations using it for recruitment purposes and/or new business opportunities. So where you rank in search results on LinkedIn for the areas you specialise in is going to affect how people find you. In this vein, could LinkedIn search results be weighted by endorsements?

How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?

“There is no black magic to successfully attracting customers via the Web.” (Rand Fishkin)

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