This week’s search marketing roundup includes tips on how to get the most out of sitemaps, how to make any topic sound interesting, a guide to what makes people share content, 11 inspiring quotes from Seth Godin, and a video on how to make the most out of user data in your SEO campaigns.

A Primer on How to Get the Most Out of Sitemaps – Search crawlers are becoming more effective at discovering new content pages on websites. But even with these improvements, it still takes time for search to find it all. In this post, Rick DeJarnette explains how you can use a Sitemap to submit your list of content URLS to search engines, effectively telling them which pages you want them to crawl.


How to Write Interesting Content for a “Boring” Topic – The secret to making so-called boring source material interesting is not necessarily about conducting market research, writing style, creating expensive infographics, or the having the right connections. The essence of “interestingness” stems from one basic content commandment: Always ask the right questions. Pratik Dholakiya demonstrates how to target the questions your audience wants to know about.

Why Do People Share Content? – It’s important for anyone involved in digital marketing to understand what will motivate someone to share your content and when they are most inclined to do so you can develop the next step in your strategy. Most marketers have a good grasp of  Extrinsic Motivators (price, features, benefits) but struggle with the Intrinsic Motivators (how does the product align to a person’s feelings or goals). Chris Dyson explains how to align your content with your consumer’s primary emotional motivations.

11 Awesome Quotes by Seth Godin – Seth Godin is one of the top writers, entrepreneurs and marketers out there. This post collects 11 of his most inspirational quotes. Highlights include “You can either fit in or stand out. Not both” and “Life is a buzzer box. Poke it.”

Personalization and SEO – SEOMoz Whiteboard Friday presented by Rand Fishkin:

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