Oh Gee, I’m Featured on Seo.Alltop.Com

It’s nice to know I kick ass, or at least that the folks at Alltop think I do. I wonder if there’s some sort of AllTop optimization in the works, and if there’s a better way to rank in what seems to be an ever-growing list. That said, it’s good to be in the company of many of the folks I respect and trust in our relatively small but tight-knit industry.

Of course, if you’ve read this blog prior to this post, you landed up here through a means other than alltop, and I’ve yet to see what the long term traffic impact might be from the inclusion.

Alltop – Why Bother?

What Alltop offers isn’t unique, and is definitely a subjective way of ranking the blogosphere’s best content on any topic. If you’re relatively internet saavy, you may be able to find this through a number of outlets such as technorati, google blog search, social media, or others, but there are many who still have difficulty in separating the leaders from the followers in a given space.

Hell, there’s folks have no idea how an RSS feed works, so it’s no surprise that a blog directory such as Alltop can be quite useful for those that do not use Google Reader, or any other equivalent. Some of my clients fall right in this category, and they often ask ‘What does one blog about in my space?’.

With the growth of Alltop, answering that question becomes much easier, and often as simple as providing a link to the industry in question.

From an internet marketing stand point, here’s why I would take the effort to submit an application to Alltop:

  • Juicy Links
  • Targeted Traffic
  • Building Subscriber Base
  • Might Enhance Brand Reputation by Association

That said, if you’re visiting this post from AllTop, I urge you to subscribe via RSS for exclusive updates and tips that regular online readers do not receive.

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