Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the lovely day because I’m about to invite you on an adventure to a far away land where SEOs are Wizards!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out the first part of my journey –

During the making of this comic I had the opportunity to talk to many awesome SEOs, including my cool mentors here at Powered by Search and high influencers in the industry. I asked:

1. What white hat SEO tactic do you love the most?

2. What black hat SEO tactic do you hate the most?

They laughed at first, then gave me great comments on these techniques:

White Hat Techniques

1. Real Company Stuff

As Wil Reynolds introduced the term at MozCon 2012, great companies had been doing Real Company Stuff way before Search Engines even existed. It is when your company brings value to customers and provides a high quality user experience. As customers appreciate the benefits they receive from you, they will start talking about your business. They will also keep coming back. Ranking better on Search Engines is therefore, not the main purpose of Real Company Stuff, but an absolute inevitable effect.

2. Build partnership, reach out to influencers

Geoff Kenyon – Lead SEO Consultant at Distilled and also the author of a cool blog at geoffkenyon.com– said:

“Partnerships are a great way to get links and visibility on other high quality and relevant sites. An example of this would be Moz’s pro perks, or an arrangement where you can publish on other people’s blog consistently”

Vlad Rascanu – Senior SEO Specialist at Expedia.ca – also suggested reaching out to influencers. Troy Boileau created a post which is a perfect demonstration of this technique. He asked and quoted many SEO experts on what tools they use.  This high quality piece of content got over 2,000 page views over 6 days. Furthermore, building relationship with high influencers is also an important part of a successful Content Promotion Strategy.

3. Flat Site Architecture

On this short Whiteboard Friday from Moz, Rand Fishkin explained:

“At every level of depth, you’re losing some amount of the link juice”

Therefore, websites with high hierarchy face disadvantages in PageRank and usability. The deeper the pages are in the structure, the fewer people would click on them. On the other hand, if all pages of the website are accessible from the home page, it is much easier for the visitors and link juice to reach all of them.

4. Local SEO

Local SEO is a part of Search Engine Optimization, where the goal is to improve ranking of a business in the local results segment of Google’s SERPs. One of its most important factors is to build local citations – which are mentions of the business’ name, address and phone number on the web.

Michael Smith – SEO Consultant and author of the Ultimate Posts at Powered by Search shared:

“Being visible in local search results also puts a business in front of an audience that is searching with the intent to immediately contact or buy, whether it’s for a meal, service, or nearby attraction. It can even result in additional foot traffic to local stores since these results show prominently on mobile searches.”

Black Hat Techniques

1. Spamming

The number one hated Black Hat Technique of all time. All of the SEOs I talked to are really annoyed by spam on comment sections or profiles of websites. These comments or profiles do not add any value to the post, but instead often contain inappropriate or irrelevant keywords.

2. Paid Link

Just like how it sounds, this is the tactic where an SEO pays to have their links included on other websites. In contrast, the natural way of linking is when you provide super duper content which readers naturally love to link to.

3. Cloaking

Content presented to users is different from what is displayed to Search Engines.

4. Article spinning

Troy gave me this short definition of article spinning that I could not have said better:

“Programmatically rewriting an article/post/message to trick Search Engines”

5. Negative SEO

The process of decreasing ranking of a webpage/website by throwing a lot of bad links to their sites. Adrian Barrett – author of this famous post on ScrapeBox and White Hat SEO – commented:

“Search engines have come a long way but they still have an extremely long way to go still. Certain aspects of negative SEO can work positively for large established brands and yet the exact same tactics can severely harm or completely ruin the small mom and pop shops of the internet. I don’t believe the algorithms will ever be perfect, but the identical process of helping one website and harming another with the same set of data is something that needs to be carefully looked at.”

His comment is also a perfect conclusion for this very long introduction of my comic. The algorithms might not ever be perfect, but let’s hope it will always be fair and recognize all the hard work White Hat SEOs are putting forth to bring valuable contents to users.

A sincere thank you to all the contributors that have offered their thoughts and suggestions to the comic. Thank you super much!

And now, without further ado, part 2 of the journey to the land of SEO Wizards…

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