Many thanks to Mike, Troy, Brittney, Myia, Karen, Zain, Chris and everyone else at Powered by Search who have helped and given me the kindest feedback to make this random idea come true.

During my early SEO training days, I often referred to the Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Moz as an excellent source of knowledge. The explanations are very easy to understand and the illustrations are so beautiful. They did not only help me go through the training smoothly but also gave me many new random ideas. And here’s an example. As I read about cloaking, I spaced out and dreamed about a kingdom where SEOs were wizards…

Once upon a time, there was a far, far away kingdom ruled by an ingenious and fair King. The King had a beloved young daughter who was going through a tough time of a her life – the teen age. Just like any other teenagers, she was always grumpy; often locked herself in her tower and only came down for suppers.

As the young majesty has seen all wonders in the world, it was even harder to please her. So the King decided to look for a wizard who can always supply new enchantments to delight her. This is the story about the two wizards – the White Hat wizard of the East and the Black Hat wizard of the West. They came their long ways to bring magical treasures to the princess. The White Hat wizard was kind and diligent. He always reached out and helped other people. He loved building and nurturing affiliation. The Black Hat wizard was clever and affluent. He was also very ambitious and would do anything to get what he wanted…
SEO comic - Two wizards met for the first time

SEO comic - White Hat - broken link - link building tactic

SEO comic - White Hat guest posting tactic

SEO comic - Black Hat cloaking and duplicate content

SEO comic - meeting the penguin

SEO comic - to be continued

Big applause to anyone who can list all SEO references in the comments section below!

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