I’ve been blogging for Powered by Search for almost two months now and while I have not nearly completed the learning curve I am happy to report that I no longer use Google to explain the concepts I encounter on my favourite blogs and social media feeds. I admit that this is far from being able to apply Google Analytics confidently to a local SEO account or manage a PPC campaign as effectively as Vlad Rascanu, our Search Marketing Manager.  But at least I can talk the talk, which is saying something, and most certainly it’s a step towards walking the walk.

The hot shots I work with can be credited with half of my new knowledge, but I think it is time to give credit where credit is due: to the SEO experts that provide the blogs, tweets, and status updates that have helped shape my knowledge of SEO (and SEM for that matter) to date.

Here are a few of my favourites. If you love SEO I am sure you will agree that they deserve the credit I’m trying to provide. So in no particular order here are the 5 SEO experts that I have learned the most from to date:

Ann Smarty–  As a woman in SEO I seem to gravitate to resources written by other women and there are certainly a lot of talented ones in the industry. What we lack in numbers we seem to make up for in might, and I was happy to cast my SEO expert vote  to Ann Smarty as a kudos for her content writing articles and infographics.  Not only did she change the way I brainstorm about articles,  she also has me laughing at least once a week with a funny image or witty quip.  I like reading her work because it reminds me that the ideas are just as important as the presentation.

Will Critchlow
Will Critchlow delivering a presentation on behalf of Distilled

Will Critchlow– I love Will Critchlow’s style and am going to give a big thanks to our CEO, Dev Basu, for pointing me in his direction. I must admit I most frequently read his personal blog (but I am sure to keep tabs on his contributions to Distilled and SEOmoz). It is nice to read work with amazing grammar (did I mention I’m nerdy?) that comes from someone whose writing voice is honest and trustworthy. While I don’t share his love of basketball or whisky at least we have search in common.  I return time and time again to the How to Learn SEO an extremely useful post for anyone working their way towards the title of SEO expert!

Wil Reynolds, who bats for SEER Interactive, has been a useful resource for sparking my imagination. His posts tend to be long-form, which means he tackles complex topics and walks me through them as if I am not necessarily an SEO expert. His screenshots are well timed and help to connect concepts and tools, which means I pick up on things quickly and don’t have assume anything. When he replies to a comment on his post he often adds more resources and draws attention to valid comments. Plus he managed to convince me that Google’s Not Provide has a silver lining.

Rand Fishkin SEO expert SEOmoz
Rand Fishkin delivering one of his well-respected Whiteboard Fridays

Rand Fishkin– On a Friday afternoon, once I’ve destroyed my to do list and my brain is getting mushy, Rand Fishkin is my provider of SEO expert advice. Whiteboard Fridays are naturally my fix of choice.  The video format is easy to digest, he’s got a ton of material archived for me to explore, and he is just so darn charming!  His twitter is fun to follow since he ranges from personal to professional which gives me a chance to add to my knowledge on this SEO expert, so that when I run into him I can ask him a question about something he cares about (although I’m sure he’ll find it a little creepy).

Barry Schwartz– ‏@rustybrick says it all for me. His Twitter updates keep me current so that I can contribute to office chatter and explore developments in the SEO world as they become relevant.  I use him as a source to aggregate articles of interest an point me to blogs that I add to my master list! He tends to recap and summarize information, which makes him an ideal SEO expert to follow. I find he locates readable and credible resources.

I know I’m at the tip of the SEO expert iceberg, looking at the most searchable SEO experts and harnessing their knowledge. Thanks to those blogs I’ve been following and a future thanks for those I will follow. If you know an SEO expert that deserves a shout out feel free to use the comments section to let me know others to check out and give an online standing ovation for Toronto SEO experts or SEO’s worldwide.

Oh, and of course follow us here and Powered by Search abroad!

Photo Credit: Dana Lookadoo – Yo! Yo! SEO and edsocialmedia
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