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Value Isn’t Counted in Dollars

There are lots of stark differences between pitching the value of SEO to big companies versus small businesses. In the former, price is often the last factor discussed, whereas service offerings, support, consultancy and integration into existing infrastructure matters. In short, they understand that you can’t order steak on the a McDonald’s budget.

That’s not to say that small businesses are cheap (although some can be). At the end of the day, proving value is always harder than to a bigger firm because there is a natural fixation on getting the right price. The average small business owner I’ve encountered thinks along the lines ‘Am I getting my bang for the buck in paying what I am’? Truth be told, can someone who is hearing about SEO for the first time accurately judge if they are getting value for their money, without giving the service the time to prove itself?

Tangible and Intangible Value

Demonstrating tangible value is fairly easy. Talking about ROI, ROAS, Cost per Customer Acquisition, and Cost per Lead are all great ways of solidifying some numbers around a campaign.

But a lot of the times, SMB’s don’t realize the value of expert opinion that is priceless to their business. I’m all for profitability and efficiency in business, but I like adding extra value of to clients who are in a tough spot, or need advice on broader internet marketing. Just this week I’ve talked to clients about things that aren’t included in their contract, and have got a fair share of ‘thank you’ emails back. I won’t bill them, but you can bet the guy charging $500 for the year will, if they bother to give the client one on one service at all.

Good SEO’s are hard to come by, and most clients will attest to the fact that they make back their investment in a short period of time. I hope this post helps those that fixate on price too much, because it’s important to remember:

Price is What You Pay, Value is What You Get – Warren Buffet

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